Where Does Parkinson’s Disease Come From?

Parkinson’s disease abbreviated as (PD) is in fact a disease that is resulted due to disorder of an entire group of motor system. It happens because of the loss of those brain cells that produce dopamine. Most of the times, people who suffer from this disease have age of 50 or more. Common symptoms of this disorder are trembling and tremors of the legs, slow and shaky movements, and stiffness of limbs, instability and impaired balance. This disease gets severe day by day with the increase in the age. As a result, people suffering from this disease even feel trouble in doing many day to day tasks such as walking and talking etc. Since today no one is sure that when this diseases starts, There is speculation that this disease is activated due to age and environmental factors. There are other people who think that it is a hereditary disease. It has also been observed that men are affected by the disease more than women.

This disease usually starts very quietly. One may feel minor trembling in ones hands. It may also happen that other people might notice that you are moving slowly and very carefully. These symptoms are faint and start gradually. Moreover, symptoms of this disease vary from person to person. One may feel trembling of his knees first of all, other may feel stiffness of jaw, neck and face stiff. There may be another case where a person might feel dizziness and unbalanced before other symptoms may appear. Emotional changes may also take place such as difficulty in sleeping and depression etc.

Levapoda is a drug which is used for the cure of this disease. It is in fact a natural substance that is present in our body. When it is taken in the form of a pill, it goes to the brain and produces dopamine. It works well in the early stages of this disease. But till a few years back it was considered to be incurable. Now with the introduction of stem cell therapy, this disease is considered to be curable.

When stem cells are injected in the body of the diseased person they get dispersed and start producing growth factors. These growth factors with the help of blood vessels produce new blood cells. These new and healthy cells replace the disease causing cells and lead the person to a healthy life all over again. This is a painless procedure which requires no surgery and only injection of stem cells in the body. Recovery period of the disease is also very fast. Getting this treatment allows the person to get rid of this disease once and for all.

In short it will not be wrong to say that PD is a neurological disorder that is chronic. It has been causing real problems for people. No one knows exactly where this disease comes from. Some think it is due to the age of the person and others think that it is a hereditary disease. With the introduction of stem cell therapy now it is curable in a very easy and short way.