Reduce Stomach Fat

Stomach fat poses a huge problem for many. They are concern not only on how they look but also the problem on health. As such, to reduce stomach fat is a necessary need. How vanity influences you at some point can be of help to get rid of health related problems with the occurrence of stomach fat.

Whatever you may want to call it, beer belly, love handles, pot belly, bilbil or mid section fats, all that and more are simply referring to stomach fat. No one would love to have those stubborn belly fat; you are crazy when you love it otherwise. You hate it when you touch your belly even when lying flat on bed; most of all you hate it when you sit down as the layers of stomach fat are very evident especially when wearing fitting tops. You cannot even bear the thought of waking up every morning with that heavy thing hanging in your body. Just even before leaving the house you would look at the mirror and there you see that one thing you hate in your body – stomach fat. That can even ruin your day. Self esteem and confidence will always get affected, how you look at yourself and how well do you look from other’s eyes. However, one must know that having stomach fat will not only make you disgusting, but it will also make you unhealthy.

YES! You are unhealthy when you have it. Fat in your stomach is plainly dangerous comparing to the fats in the thighs or in any part of the body because it is close to the internal organs. It can also interrupt bowel and bladder functions. These are just an indication that a disease is waiting to happen. So, when you have the stomach fat, it is but your instinct or commonly it is the instinct of all to reduce and get rid of it whatever it takes, but what makes it different is the ability and willingness to put the instinct into action. You cannot do anything when you just wait for nothing; make the best decision now, not tomorrow. So, boost your confidence now for a start and make your life worth living again.

Set Goals!

Before doing anything, it is important to set goal so that you know where you are heading. This is also a motivation for you to focus and face the challenges that you will be meeting on your way to achieve the desired result – reduce stomach fat.

First: Change your eating habits and eating time!

Changing your eating habits is significant especially when you are eating unhealthily. When you used to consume high fatty, salty, sweets and calorie foods, get rid of them now. In short, as much as possible avoid eating junk foods, fried foods (chicken, hotdogs, fries, etc.), chocolates, your favorite sweets, canned goods, instant noodles, packed foods, pasta, pizza, hamburgers, soft drinks, and all other unhealthy foods which you are crazy over with. When you are a rice eater, choose brown rice. Start eating whole grained foods, high protein and high fiber foods and flush body with more water, 6-8 glasses daily. When you used to eat 2-3 big meals daily, change it. Break down the bigger meals into 5-6 small meals daily with 3 hours interval. In each meal, make sure you have lean meat, veggies and whole grain. As such, the key point here is: eat right, avoid the unnecessary and do not overeat.

Second: Work Out…

Achieve flat stomach with diet plus right exercise. There are misconceptions about sit-ups and crunches that they can lose stomach fat. This has a minimal effect and will not help you achieve your fitness goal. The best way is to workout the whole body through cardio training. This exercise involves working the major muscle groups. You can do jogging, power walking, running, tread milling, bicycling, and swimming for at least 30 minutes daily, 3-5 times weekly.

It is also more effective when incorporating weight training exercises to your activity. By just simply crunching, hold dumbbells while performing it and you will feel intense abdominal contraction. Do side bending with dumbbells too and make it as your routine together with the cardio training.

Enjoy also some physical activities at home, don’t be lazy! Do some floor scrubbing and mapping, clothes washing and gardening. These are commonly done at home and without your knowledge, it can actually help burn body fats. So for those lazy people there who have problems dealing with stomach fat, get up and help. You are hitting 2 birds in one stone.

Third: No To Cosmetic Surgeries…

In as much as we want to reduce stomach fat, we are stuck with time, and we do not know how to balance time from work, home and our goal to reduce thigh fat. Since we are left with dilemma, we rather choose the fastest which cannot hinder our time to do things necessary for a living.

Liposuction, tummy tuck and bariatric surgery are the most common cosmetic surgeries that frustrated dieters are availing. These are not highly recommended because of the side effects and contraindication during surgery. Yes it can lose stomach fat, but sustaining it requires diet and exercise.

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