Quick And Permanent Weight Loss

My friend, quick and permanent weight loss does not have to come by doing anything restrictive and unnatural. Unfortunately, I and many other people had to learn this the hard way. The consequences of being too restrictive range from feeling hungry all the time to severely lowering your metabolism (which will lead to yo-yo weight loss, retained body fat, and more)! If you want to learn the “shocking revelation” I had that helped me shed an amazing 52 pounds of body fat in 2 months easily, consistently, and permanently, then read on to learn more!

First things first. It is NOT your fault that you are overweight and/or have had such a difficult time trying to lose weight and fat. Why is that? Well, there’s two reasons for it:

  1. Just about every type of food you find in your local supermarket (even the so-called healthy foods) are processed and unnatural. These types of foods will not only make you pack on pounds of fat, they will also cause pounds waste to develop inside of your body!
  2. Most of these diet programs out here these days care more about how much money they are making than they do about getting us in shape! Because of that, you’ll notice that most of these diet programs are based on some type of unnatural and complicated fad (such as having nothing but lemonade all day, restricting carbs from your diet completely, lowering fats from your diet, buying expensive monthly meal plans… which are processed foods high in sodium by the way, etc.).

After having many unsuccessful attempts at losing weight, I later on discovered the most powerful dieting trick that caused me quick and permanent weight loss. This diet trick enabled me to drop around 52 pounds of body by skyrocketing my metabolism to the maximum peak. Furthermore, I never felt hungry or deprived as well, and this was because I ate REAL FOODS without severely restricting calories and nutrients.

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So, the shocking revelation I had was that you should never lower the amount of calories you eat too much. Instead, you should eat just slightly less than the amount of calories you are supposed to eat to maintain your current weight level which would be your BMR (basal metabolic rate). Then what to do is utilize exercise (high intensity interval cardio and weight training) as the way to burn tons calories off. This way you can effectively build lean muscle tissue, avoid losing muscle tissue, increase your metabolism, significantly lower your body fat percentage, and improve your overall health.

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