Secrets To Save Money On Air Travel

With the price of air travel increasing, people are looking for ways to get cheap airline tickets, so in this article I will share some tips which you can use to save money on your future air travel.

Always compare flight prices at different times of the day and week, for example daytime flights will be more expensive than evening flights and flying on the weekend will be more expensive than flying during the middle of the week.

Always sign up for frequent flyer programs, these programs reward customer loyalty and enable you to save money on your future flights, usually airline companies will honour each others purchases, so you will not necessarily have to fly with the same airline all the time.

Always compare prices of flying from and to different airports, usually flying into a smaller airport near the main destination airport will result in big savings, so always check this will your travel agent.

Do not make any purchases at the airport itself or on the aircraft, you will be paying inflated prices, so it is always best to bring some dry food with you to eat at the airport and also bring some entertainment with you e.g. laptop or music player, this will then mean you will not have to pay for headphones and in flight entertainment.

If you are travelling to the airport by car, then do not park at the airport itself, instead try to park somewhere further away from the airport which will then save you money in parking fees.

I hope you have found these tips useful and they help you to save money on your air travel.

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