Finding Your Own Core Values

Finding Your Own Core Values

I have heard it said a number of times throughout my professional career CORE VALUES and to be honest, it sounds good. But really? What does it mean? How does one discover their Core Values and frankly WHY? What does it have to do with anything? Well, the truth is, maybe it isn’t important to you right now, but research shows that when your actions are inline with your Values, your feelings of success sky rocket! Many people believe, if you don’t know your core values, you become stuck and it is impossible to truly move forward. That’s a good enough reason for me! So if your ready? Lets get to it!

Each of us has our own personal set of values. These are what determine which aspects of life we regard as important or beneficial. Our values help determine our way of life, our work, our entertainment, social, political and religious interactions. Each of us hold many values and these values are likely to change as we grow, or easily put, as we reach different stages of our life and have more experiences and influences. Some of the values we hold may be ‘superficial’, transitory, temporary so to speak, really only serving you at that moment. Other values are fixed or at our core and stay with us throughout our life; these my friends are our ‘Core Values’. Grab a pen and piece of paper and I invite you to do this exercise. Yes I am suggesting, write it down!

Lets talk about clues to our Core values

1.How do you spend your time?
2.What do you love to do?
3.What are you looking forward to most today or what happened today that was The best for you?” The answer to these questions most likely will reveal some of your Values. But don’t stop now, this is where it starts getting FUN!

1. Who do you admire most? Dead or Alive from any point in your life, someone you know personally or not, just WHO do YOU ADMIRE Most?
2. What are their qualities and characteristics
3. What you would say your personality is like?: Describe “uncensored”
4. What would you say your strengths are?

Again this is just for you, so don’t hold back. Ready for the Big SECRET to CORE VALUES? You just started to discover yours! Look at what you wrote, what does it say? These are the things you value most.

If we want to move forward in life it is important for us to know our Values. For more techniques and strategies to move forward in your life or Career, invest in a coach.