Should You Be Satisfied With What You’ve Got and Not Desire More Success?

Very often in my Coaching Practice people come up to me and ask if it is alright for them to want more than what they really have? Should they not be satisfied with their lives? How much is enough success? And the reason for these questions is that many of us have grown up with the idea that we should be satisfied with whatever we have got and not ask for more.

But come to think of it, success always results when someone somewhere becomes dissatisfied with the present conditions and creates something to improve upon them.

Imagine, if Edison had not become dissatisfied with how we lighted up our surroundings and not created a light bulb, we’d still be using wax candles for the same purpose.

Or, if Henry Ford had not become dissatisfied with the way we transported ourselves, and not created a mechanism to manufacture cars at low cost, most of us would perhaps still be travelling in bullock carts and on horsebacks.

Or, if Steve Jobs had not become dissatisfied with his life and the available technology and not created a different one, we’d not have Apple Computers; and remember him as one of the greatest visionaries of modern times.

Or if, Dhirubhai Ambani had not become dissatisfied with the way his life was going and not created a great business enterprise his family would still be having the same lifestyle as he had had, and not a massively improved one as they have now.

The idea behind all these examples is to bring to your attention the simple fact that success only happens when someone somewhere becomes dissatisfied with life as it is.

Had it not been so, we’d perhaps still be living in caves in the jungles, and not in beautiful houses in dream cities. Had it not been so, as infants, we’d also not learn to turn, sit, walk, talk, learn or do anything at all.

All progress is a result of some dissatisfaction. The greater the dissatisfaction, the more is the success generated.

Then why is it that so many people grow up with the idea that attempting to attain phenomenal success in our lives is somehow wrong?

Understand that a human being always has to come into the picture whenever some improvement is to be created, anywhere in the world. This is a privilege and a right reserved only for the human beings. The task of creating improvements belongs not to the animals but only to the human beings. This is because we are the highest form of creation and so we do have a huge responsibility also.

Our mind forms the invisible component of our personalities. Since, it is the invisible component we tend not to pay much attention to it. Although, among all the information that is being revived in the present times the best perhaps is the information about the functioning of the mind, and how we can create our circumstances as per our desires when we use the mind effectively.

The mind controls every aspect of your life. Whether you realize it or not, this invisible component governs your life, all your circumstances, and all your results.

You feel dissatisfied when you have a realization that you are capable of achieving more than what you are currently attaining. This is a natural thing as the mind has infinite potential, which means that you have the capability of attaining all that you can ever desire, and more.

Dissatisfaction does not mean unhappiness. You can be very dissatisfied and still be very happy.

This happens only when you know you are doing something about the dissatisfaction, by way of learning and growing yourself, and taking necessary actions to move forward in your life.

You get confused between dissatisfaction and happiness only when you do not take necessary steps to ease the dissatisfaction.

It is only then that you feel you do not have enough options left. You feel unhappy and then blame your dissatisfaction for it.

I am here to tell you that you always have options, when you learn more of the infinite potential you hold within your mind. But for this to happen, you will have to take an honest look at yourself, at what you are doing with your time, and at what you really…really want from your life, because success means different things to different people.

As a LifeSuccess Consultant and Coach, I help people in recognizing what success means to them, and then I help them in attaining the success that they truly desire.

I can help you too with attainment of your own personal definitions of success.

If you can tell me what you want, I can show you exactly how to get it.

The only question now is, do you wish to feel unhappy or do you wish to do something positive about your dissatisfaction? I truly hope you choose the latter.

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