Benefits of Professional Coaching

Once we have understanding of what professional coaching is, it is important to evaluate the benefits when figuring out if it is the right fit. It is clear that we can get by without coaching. So what are the benefits if we add coaching to our current approach?

By working with a professional coach, you improve your ability at figuring out where you want to go, you increase the probability of successfully getting there, and you decrease the amount of time to get there. This is achieved by the following key aspects of what coaching can help with.

Finding Clarity
One of the key things that a professional coach can help with is helping you to find clarity in terms of who you are, what you want, the challenges you face, and the opportunities that exist. This can help you to improve your self-awareness and can have a direct impact on your personal and professional growth.

Provides a Sounding Board
Working with coach will provide a sounding board for a client to discuss ideas, thoughts, and challenges. Not only can a coach provide good feedback, but sometimes just talking about something with somebody else is enough to establish clarity by itself. And when it is not enough, a coach can help a client to work through things by talking through the details and looking at things from other perspectives.

Create More Focused Attention
We all have such busy lives and so many things to work on. Working with a coach can help to identify where attention needs to be focused and the coach can help a client to maintain that focus in order to stay on track and drive growth.

Increase Accountability
We often have self talk with ourselves about what we need to do. This self talk creates accountability internally with ourselves. When work with a coach, we talk through what we need to do with someone else and that establish accountability between us and an external person which increases the level of accountability and can improve our motivation and focus. At the end of the day, it is easier to keep your commitments when they are with someone other than yourself.

Action Planning
Whether we know it or not, we are always doing some sort of action planning and a lot of the time this at the subconscious level. By working with a coach, we are forced to bring that process to the conscious level and work through what needs to be done and accomplished to get where we want to go. By doing action planning with a coach, we can establish more clarity, focus, and accountability and this can improve our ability to be successful.

Progress Tracking
When working on independently, it is often easy to not be aware of the progress we are making. It is also easy to veer off course and not even know it. By working with a coach, you can spend time on tracking progress to ensure that progress is being made toward identified goals and that everything is staying on track.