Mind Power: Future Situation Thought Correction

In How Our Minds work above we discussed the background chatter going on all the time in our sub conscious. This mind workout will help get rid of unwanted thoughts that your sub conscious is stressed about and will bring up in the future. The objective is for you to see the futility of any negative thought and its related feeling. The technique is as follows:

1. Think of any future situation that may arise where you will be anxious. For example, let’s say you had an ED encounter with Jane in the past and you want to see her again. Write down the following and be as objective as possible:

a. Any negative thoughts that immediately run through your mind and make you anxious or reluctant to call. For example: I won’t be able to get an erection just when she wants me too; she may tell her friends etc.

b. Add what feelings (stress, anger, anxiety…) these thoughts are provoking and how severely. For example, 60% stress from embarrassment and 40% anxiety…

2. Dwell on the thoughts you have noted and make corrections that are believable to you. For example, “I still want her and ED happened because of the situation. Next time I will plan for a favourable situation with ” Use forceful language that works for you.

3. Dwell on the futility and wastefulness of the bad thoughts. You are not going to waste any more time or effort on these ridiculous thoughts. With this program you will have get your USCFs in place and get the kind of sex that expresses your needs.

When you develop this powerful Viagra Professional in Australia tool to stop and correct any negative thoughts about future sex encounters, you won’t need worry beads.