Treatment Through Gymnastic Exercises

Exercises that you do are necessary, because more negative energy is gathered in half of your body and positive one – in the other half. During these exercises, the different energies in your body balance. When one is healthy, when one feels and thinks properly, the energies balance by themselves. But when a person is not healthy, Nature evokes the balancing of these energies by creating a certain disease and causing certain movements through this. When one is ill, he begins to writhe, to move, to get up and lie down, and energies balance in this way.

If they are adjusted properly one recovers, if they are not adjusted properly, one leaves.

At gymnastic exercises, in order to contact the invisible worlds, you shall stretch your muscles. If your arms are loose, you will gain nothing. To perceive something, your arms are to be stretched.

You should know that with every move you connect to the flows of Nature. Once you stretch your arm and keep your mind focused, you are already in contact with these flows. And then, in each particular case, you may be connected both to the electricity of the Earth and to the electricity of the Sun. At each stretching of the arm, you may also have contact with the earth or solar magnetism. Magnetism, in general, is connected with prana, i.e. with the vital energy of Nature. Therefore, while stretching arms and legs and concentrating the mind, people use the vital energies of Nature and become healthy and strong. Natural powers cannot be used with loose arms.

During all exercises that you do, the mind shall present to attract natural powers that are necessary for you. If you move your arm mechanically, you use nothing. If you pass the mind through the forefinger, you will become more noble with dignity and merciful.

If you want to become fair, you should exercise the middle, Saturn finger.

For nobility and musicality, for sense of beauty, exercise the ring-finger, the fourth one. If you want to arrange your works well and have good relationships with the others, then exercise the little finger. If you want to gain something Divine, exercise the thumb.

The hand is a big wealth.

It is good, while making movements for regulating your organism, to accompany them by the vowels “a” and “o” – two powerful sounds. Rational movements regulate the nervous system, which bears the vital energies and takes in the living powers of Nature. When the nervous system is in good state, all body functions happen normally.

Taking your hands away from each other has a calming effect. When you move your hands against each other, the effect is the opposite of the above. So you will tell these opposing forces to move up.

I exercise. Raise both arms up and away from the sides of your body Viagra Australia, palms down, at the height of the shoulders. Then the right arm is to be raised slowly up under an angle of 45° from the shoulder level, and the left arm is to be let down under an angel of 45° from the shoulder level and from this position, squat six times, and during that time, focus your mind on the front part of the brain.