Tired? 7 Simple And Easy Energy Boosts

It is about 3 in the afternoon you feel the afternoon sunshine and it is starting to get to you. You start stretching, maybe standing up or walking around. You sit down and just start yawning like you’ve never yawned before and you finally utter those famous words, “I’m so tired”, and most likely you let out another yawn after or while you are still saying that. So what is there to do? Well never mind if you are at work or if you’re at home in this article we will see 7 simple and easy ways to get that much needed energy boost whether it be at the beginning of the day, the middle or evening.

The Chinese have it right on the money err, I mean the ears. With thousands of medicinal study the Chinese truly do come out on top, at least with natural energy boosts. For example ancient Chinese medicine believes that stimulating certain pressure points in your body cause your blood circulation and energy to improve (they also believed the ear to be a magical medical box, a health barometer and diagnostic tool but that’s beside the point). Now we can definitely debate this ancient Chinese method of instant energy but note that Mark Hyman, M.D., co-medical director at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Mass says that, “The ear is a mini representation of the whole body”, which actually gives some credibility to the ancient Chinese doctors, but how can we put it to the test? Well the good doctor suggests that we generally should rub our ears all over for about a minute, of course don’t hurt yourself either, and that almost immediately you should feel more alert.

Blow everyone away with…FIRE! I got to tell you that when I heard about this technique I really got interested in it (*note: I said I was interested in it when I “heard” about it actually reading it was just okay). Now here is the deal many times what causes us to be tired is a slow but consistent build-up of carbon dioxide in our blood stream. What does that mean? Well that means that there will be a point when we are feeling sluggish. What can we do about it? Well in yoga there is a technique called the “Breath of fire” and to try this simple technique out all you have to do is that while breathing through your nose, inhale deeply and then exhale in 20 to 30 short, rapid bursts, drawing in your stomach muscles to force out each burst. Repeat three times, taking a few breaths between each cycle so you don’t get dizzy and that is it – just don’t burn down the house.

You will never think the same about Tic Tacs the same ever again.Another way to up the ante and get a quick energy boost is as simple as taking a mint. In fact studies have shown that the mint scent actually stimulates nerves in our brain. Not only that but when you eat aromatic candies (like mints), odor molecules circulating in your mouth drift up your nose via the back of your throat, multiplying the scent’s intensity. So I guess the real question that should be asked is when was the last time you did a Tic Tac?

Ok, where is the bag of complex hydrates? Another simple way to boost our energy and get a back to work quickly and easier and just feeling better is by having what we had way back when as kindergartners- SNACK TIME! Not only that but if we really want to have a positive energy boost well we need to probably eat what we ate as kindergartners- ANTS ON A LOG! Ok, maybe not exactly ants on a log but things like nuts, dairy, fruits and vegetables things like this have the nutritional value of giving us a much needed energy boost. Oh and by the way stay away from the sweets they will have the exact opposite effect.

A nice glass of water don’t hurt that bad either. Now this is one we all should DEFINITELY do. Whenever we have that mid afternoon slump, why not down a nice cold glass of water? Usually when we feel a little bit like we are in a slump it is because simply we are dehydrated so really a great thing to do is to drink water- not only when we feel tired or in a slump – but on a regular consistent daily basis.

Yeah go ahead and drink some caffeine but stay away from the coffee. Caffeine is perfectly fine to have, to drink, to enjoy and to savor. Although, and heed this warning, if we want to get out of a mid afternoon slump green tea is the way to go. Coffee is great- and I love coffee – but the thing is that coffee is overkill and it will end up probably giving us some type of a late mid afternoon early evening crash, and we do not want that. So if you feel tired drink some nice green tea and think about not only how it will get you out of your slump but will also help you in various other ways from anti-aging to disease fighting antioxidants. But if it still nags at you go ahead and drink it inside your favorite coffee mug.

Exercise, exercise and exercise. Yet again if we are feeling that we are in a slump and need a pick-me up well look no farther just try some exercise. Of course we are not asking you to do a full workout at your office but just simply walking around for five minutes, stretching and or just maybe some dancing anything to get your body moving, the oxygen flowing and the blood pumping.