Identifying Head Lice and Getting Rid of Them

Identifying Head Lice and Getting Rid of Them

Head lice infestation is becoming a very common sight these days among people around the world. It usually occurs especially among girls and their family members who are affected due to this condition. If you too are among them and are suffering due to this problem, then it is time you do yourself a favor and find out the causes for identifying head lice.

By doing that you find out the main reasons why you get infected with hair lice and share the information with others who can find it useful. Lice are blood sucking insects that usually inhabit the hair scalp. These head lice or Pediculus humanus capitis feed on the blood. These wingless insects cannot fly and undergo three stages during their life cycle namely nits, nymphs and adults.

Nits refers to the eggs and are attached to the hair near the scalp, these nits get often mistaken for dandruff. The nymphs are the young ones which are small in size and transform into adults within seven days. Isn’t that fast? The adult lice usually have six legs with claws which are attached to the end of each leg. These claws help them to attach themselves to the hair.

Symptoms of head lice infestation

Head lice can be transmitted through close contact with the infested person. It can also be contacted by using any of their personal items like brush, pillow cover, etc. Head lice cannot be easily detected within the first two to three months and the most common lice symptom is an itchy scalp. It is caused due to the saliva of the lice when sucking on human blood.

Too much of itching can cause sores which can become red in those areas. Usually these sores are harmless, but can become areas for bacterial infections. Such sores are caused by the excessive scratching due to itching and apart from itching and sores, the infested person experiences sensation of the lice running on the scalp which can be very irritating.

When you notice lice on your scalp, then you can be hundred percent sure you are infected with lice. However you will be glad to know that there is no side effects or any kind of serious health problem due to lice infestation. There are methods by which you can get rid of the lice. They are by regular use of shampoo to the hair, not using stuff of others like combs, towels, pillow covers, etc.

You can get rid of lice with the help of medications and also use few home remedies for head lice like mixture of coconut oil and neem oil. You can also wash the stuff used by the person infected due to head lice separately and dry them. You can also use a hair dryer when drying your hair as lice can’t survive in high temperature. Make sure you also avoid sharing personal items with others.

From the above article I hope you were able to find out the causes for identifying head lice.