Gastro-esophageal Reflux Disorder

Gastro-esophageal Reflux Disorder

Regularly, the foodstuff after passing through mouth, then esophagus, moves through the food tube to go into stomach and it passes through the small intestine and lastly enters into large intestine for absolute digestion. Food stuff is broken into protein in the large intestine for improving the proper biological digestive process. Gastric acid plays an important role in separating protein from chewed and smashed food. However when stomach acid occurs, the complete digestive process can be affected harshly owing to the increase in amount of gastric acid in intestine.

In the case Gastro esophageal reflux disorder, the esophagus tube is damaged and burnt according to the scientists and doctors. Therefore the heartburn disease affects this food passage severely. A small cap, which acts as a gateway or a small outlet to ensure the entry of food into stomach, is designed at the end of the esophagus tube, which directly enters into stomach. Before and after the entry of food stuff, it opens and closes. It also performs excellently to check the reflux or backfire of acid from the tummy. However when there will be GERD disease, this small sphincter which is situated at the further end of esophagus behaves unusually and acid wells up making inroad into the esophagus tube. It destroys and bruises/damages the wall of food tube. We call it as heartburn disease.

Many people like to take lot of cold milk for checking stomach acid. It is not good because the constant backfire or reflux of hydrochloric acid from stomach is not prevented by milk. Therefore, try to maintain regularity in consuming lot of fresh contamination free water to hush up the gastric acid level, which should be under control. Good stomach acid suppressant supplement can work more excellently to dissolve protein, vitamin and mineral systematically. These enteric insulated acid suppressant medication is dissolved effortlessly in the small intestine and lowers severity of gastric acid in the intestine for checking heartburn disease. You may consult with doctors how to consume this medication regularly to get positive impact in this regard.

To check the irritation of esophagus tube, one should change the stereotyped eating habit. You must put stress on nutritious food intake plus consumption of water that can be drunk freely without being worried about infection. Spicy fast food which contains chemical additives and chemical impurities which are not safe in safeguarding body from heartburn and GERD disease should be completely avoided. Good dietary plan is a requisite to go past this painful disease. Read e-journals and research materials in relation to usage of stomach acid prevention programs. Always prioritize effective consultation and feedbacks given by professional healthcare consultants. Controlling the stomach acid is done by using good herbal products.