UTI Remedy Report Review

UTI Remedy Report Review

As a former sufferer, I have written many articles on the subject of urinary tract infections. I decided to do a UTI Remedy Report review after being sent a copy by the author. I wanted to find out if the strategies within the report were robust enough to deal with even the most painful of attacks and, of course, to stop those potential attacks in their tracks at the first sign of a twinge.

First and foremost, we all know that when you have a full-blown infection, what you need is action. The last thing you want is to read a manual which tells you all about urinary tract infections, how they happen and what doesn’t work. When you are curled up on the floor in agony, unable to sleep at 3am (as I often was) this is no good at all.

So, I was looking for positive steps you can take to firstly alleviate the pain, which is, in my opinion, the priority. Yes, we all want to learn how to kill off the bacteria and of, course, how to prevent further attacks. However, there and then we need to know what will stop the pain and give us some relief.

The UTI Remedy Report is packed with lots of general information-all of which is useful at the right time. For example, it goes into great detail explaining what causes urinary tract infections, who is at risk, what the symptoms are and what conventional treatments are available. It also explains the impact of your diet on urinary health (I found this a real eye-opener) and which alternative and complementary therapies can be useful.

Within the report, there are details of three natural remedies using surprisingly “everyday” ingredients and if you have these to hand, any one of them might work for you. However, what I found to be the very best aspect and what my UTI Remedy Report review focuses on is the claim that you can be “UTI-Free” within 12 hours.

Now before reading the UTI Remedy Report and completing the review, I wondered how this claim could be made. It seemed very specific and I was intrigued to learn how this could be the case.

I was very surprised to see a specific, 12 hour action plan. This gives you a different step to follow on each hour and is very precise. You are given a list of grocery items to gather up before starting and then off you go.

On hour one, for example, you are told to drink an 8 ounce glass of water and take a certain supplement. Within this first hour, you must also complete another step for fast pain relief. What I really like is that when completing these hourly tasks, a full explanation is given as to exactly why each step will work and why it is done at that particular stage of the 12 hours.

At the end of the 12 hours, and 12 steps later, you should be feeling significantly better, your pain and associated symptoms having gone.
If you visit my site, you might like to take a look at the symptom checker which will alert you if you need to visit a doctor. In addition, there is further helpful information on home remedies for urinary tract infections.