Oral Surgery – Wisdom Tooth Woes

Oral Surgery – Wisdom Tooth Woes

Los Angeles Oral Surgery – Wisdom Teeth…Yikes!!

You may have to undergo oral surgery in Los Angeles if you find yourself with wisdom teeth coming in without enough room in your mouth to accommodate them. Everyone has a different story about how they got their wisdom teeth removed and how awful it was! There are no two people alike and you will have to have a consultation with your dentist about your particular situation. For you, it may not be so awful, if you find the right surgeon.

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt within the mouth. It’s funny to think that you may be teething so late in life but you will! They usually come in during or after your late teens and will most likely cause you a bit of difficulty. You may know that your wisdom teeth have come in or are coming in because you may feel quite a bit of pain and discomfort in the back of your mouth. They may grow in sideways, partially emerge from the gum, or they can even stay trapped beneath the gum and bone. Your dentist will determine whether or not your wisdom teeth are going to cause a problem in the future. Extraction may be necessary when wisdom teeth are for one reason or another prevented from properly breaking through. This of course will cause a lot of pain and sometimes maybe cyst can develop. Your mouth will be calling out to your for help and you will need to seek out a Los Angeles oral surgeon. Removal of the painfully impacted tooth or teeth usually resolves these problems. Early removal of wisdom teeth is recommended to avoid any future problems and to decrease the surgical risk involved with the procedure

Depending upon the situation with your wisdom teeth, the oral surgeon will remove them in any one of several ways. If you have a lot of space around the wisdom tooth, he may be able to just take the wisdom tooth out. If it’s impacted in the bone, he’ll have to remove the bone around the tooth so that he can get to the wisdom tooth. This is where the surgical risk can increase and early detection will help you down the line.

It will not hurt to have your wisdom teeth removed because you are going to be numb, but you will definitely feel pressure and pulling if you are awake. After the Novocain wears off will probably be where the sometimes intense pain begins. If there is any bone that needs to be taken out, you are also going to have swelling and pain after the surgery. Your Los Angeles oral surgeon will put you on medication to make sure the pain is alleviated as much as possible. You will also have to take precautions in order to avoid post surgical complications like dry socket. That happened with me when I got my wisdom tooth pulled. I didn’t read all the follow up material and used a straw because I thought it would keep the liquid away from my tooth. WRONG! The pulling involved with using a straw can pull out the scab and other things in the hole which causes a lot of pain. So read all the material your surgeon gives you and ask questions!