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Drinking Good Coffee Keeps You Healthy

Good coffee has been a delight for many folks since time immemorial; it’s a great jump-start to a lively day and perhaps the perfect beverage to hold both formal and friendly talks over. Lots of people enjoy coffee for its caffeine quality, some have gone beyond that and have become collectors of coffee brands or joined a coffee club or two. Nevertheless, coffee has had a role to play in different areas in our lives; in the social, economical and now the health area. A recent breakthrough made in coffee is the ability to prevent or regulate some common types of diseases that have been grappling many.

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Juicing Benefits – How to Obtain Them

Why is it necessary to understand juice benefits?

From childhood until adulthood we have heard how valuable it is to eat vegetables. If one had a dollar every time mothers or fathers told us that, there would be a lot of extra money in one’s life today.

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Earl Grey Tea – Health Benefits and Caffeine Content

Earl Grey tea, less commonly (and incorrectly) spelled Earl Gray is a mainstay of British tea culture. Arguably the most popular flavored tea in western countries, Earl Grey is named after Charles Grey, a former UK prime minister and member of the Whig party. Earl Gray typically and historically is a black tea that has been flavored with oil of bergamot, a species of orange with a distinctive aroma.

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Types of English Tea

English tea is very popular not only in the UK, but all over the world. Some of the blends that are well known in Great Britain originated elsewhere first, but have become known as British tea none the less. Many people do not think about how many types of teas that are English. They assume that only a few select flavors of tea are actually British. The truth is that there are actually five types of teas that are considered English teas.

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Whats So Great About Chai Tea?

If you’ve ever gone to a coffee shop, chances are you have heard about chai tea. The name is actually a misnomer, since chai actually means tea in Hindu, where the drink originated. Nevertheless, what people refer to is the rich and spicy tea that originated in India.

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Herbal Teas, the Ideal Green Gift for Any Occasion

What exactly is a herbal tea?

It is in fact a herbal infusion made from anything other than leaves of a tea bush.

They can be made from more or less anything. Known flavours include caraway, artichoke, ginger, fennel, dill, dandelion, lemon grass, pine, rosehip and nettle to name but a few. They can be made with leaves, roots, seeds, or dried or fresh flowers.

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Whistling Tea Kettles

Before the introduction of electric tea kettles, heavy metal kettles were used to boil water in order to prepare coffee or tea. The pressure of the kettle was released through the funnel when water reached its boiling point. As the pressure was released and vapors came out through the funnel, it used to make a whistling sound which was very popular among tea drinkers. Thereafter the kettle came to be known as a whistling kettle. These kettles were made from metals such as aluminum, steel and copper. The whistle was served as an alarm in order to indicate that the water has been boiled, which was usually placed directly on the stove.

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My Mom Says The Best Tea Making Is An Art

Valuable thing is to know how to modify tea in different ways. My mom says the best tea making is an art and you will be able to make it by experiment and information passed downed from parents or added relatives. It can be prefabricated some incompatible way but there are some guidelines you can analyze to warrant you get a large sensing cup.

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Tea Brewing 101

Have you tried tea brewing at the comfort of your home? There are a lot of very refreshing drinks and beverages that have emerged in the market these days. There is a whole variety on sodas or juices, and some have even developed flavored water and other variants which serve to revitalize the body with minerals and energy. But none so far has come close to the effects of authentic blended and herbal tea. A lot of other drinks out in the market even claim to relax and relieve the body from stress. However nothing would still be able to compare to the cleansing power of blended or herbal tea made in cast iron teapots as they provide the most natural remedies to almost all ailments of the human body. Even during the olden days when scientific and medical discoveries were not yet as advanced, healers and medical practitioners would rely on the wonders of herbal tea to heal bodily ailments.

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Top 4 Green Tea Benefits – Your Must Read Guide

The benefits of Green Tea lies in its catechin polyphenols, notably something called epigallocatechin gallate. And believe me after I’ve discovered all the green tea benefits, I get completely different feeling every time I drink it. Are you giving your loved ones this highly effective antioxidant day by day? The tea has gained reputation in recent times because of many individuals’ desire to strive natural herbs and dietary supplements in the hope of maintaining their good health.

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An Introduction to Sencha Tea

Green tea has taken hold of health-minded individuals around the world because of its proven benefits inside the human body. You can now walk into any store and pick up bottled green teas or go to the grocery store and purchase a wide variety of dried green teas to brew at home. Among the most delicious and satisfying green teas available today is Japanese tea known as Sencha tea.

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Lapsang Souchong Tea – Going Beyond the Limits of Tea

In today’s world, tea drinkers seek far more than the average tea could offer and the Lapsang Souchong tea can deliver exactly that.

The Lapsang Souchong tea is black tea by nature. It can be obtained in the form of black tea leaves, black tea powder or black tea bags. However it is presented, Lapsang Souchong tea is always one of the best finds when it comes to looking for the world’s most extraordinary beverage.

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Jablum Coffee – One of the Most Desired of All Coffees

Kingston is the crowned city of Jamaica. A city with a very dense population, Kingston teems with life night and day. But 10 miles north east of Kingston lays a completely different milieu: Mavis Bank. No traffic jams here. No glittering nightclubs. And no street reggae parties.

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The Best Green Tea Drink – 3 Elements

Time and again I am asked which is the best green tea drink. I’m well aware of the various types which include Matcha, White Tea, Sencha, Gyokuro, Sencha Red, and others.

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Le Creuset Tea Pot

After a week’s worth of work, there’s nothing more rewarding than a peaceful afternoon alone in your backyard or anywhere scenic, together with your family or friends. If you have an open backyard that has the scenic view, then that would be the perfect place to enjoy the cool breeze on a calm and peaceful afternoon. Everybody needs time and space alone. This gives us moments in which we are allowed to reflect on the things that we did and be thankful for the blessings that we received. And to maximize the relaxation and comfort that it brings, nothing is much more rewarding than a cup of tea or coffee. A hot cup of coffee / tea is enough to make these moments better. Personally, I really love moments like this because it’s just so irresistibly comfortable and welcoming. But it seems that a peaceful moment alone is not enough. You definitely need a hot cup of beverage that goes along well with it.

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Tea Grading and What It All Means

What the heck is a STGFOP graded tea?! How is this relevant to my tea buying process and why is it so confounded confusing?

These are all valid questions, and hopefully I can answer them for you here and explain how knowing the difference between the various grades can actually help you make a more informed purchase, thereby adding to your overall enjoyment of the tea itself.

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Clean Your System With Green Tea

In today’s society where people are starting to eat worse and worse with each day, there is a high demand for detoxifying teas in order for the human body to eliminate all of those toxins that make us feel tired and with no energy when we wake up in the morning.

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Some Taboos on Drinking Soybean Milk

Avoid drinking soybean that is not well cooked. Many people would like to buy raw soybean and heat it at home, and when they see the soybean flecked with foam they will form a misconception think that it has been boiled. In fact, this is caused by the expansion of harmful materials in soybean, when they get heated they will form air bubbles and rise to the surface. Soybean milk that not well cooked is bad for people’s health. Because there are two kinds of toxic substances in soybean which will lead to the obstacle in metabolism of protein, so it will result the stimulation to gastrointestinal tract and cause the poisonous symptoms. The approach to prevent getting poisonous with soybean milk is to boil it under the temperature of 100 centi degree. If you have such symptoms like headache, respiratory obstruction after drinking soybean milk, you should immediately seek medical treatment.

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Chinese Black Tea – An Overview of Different Varieties

China is best known for its green and oolong teas, but there are numerous famous varieties of black tea originating in China. This article gives an overview of several of the most well-known types of these Chinese teas.

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Understand Your Coffee Better Through Cupping

If you want to better understand your daily coffee, you can use the science of cupping to test and analyze all of the different flavors and aromas within a coffee roast. This is ideal if you are new or even experienced in your coffee drinking, and it gives you in depth techniques to find out more about your cup of Joe.

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