Whistling Tea Kettles

Before the introduction of electric tea kettles, heavy metal kettles were used to boil water in order to prepare coffee or tea. The pressure of the kettle was released through the funnel when water reached its boiling point. As the pressure was released and vapors came out through the funnel, it used to make a whistling sound which was very popular among tea drinkers. Thereafter the kettle came to be known as a whistling kettle. These kettles were made from metals such as aluminum, steel and copper. The whistle was served as an alarm in order to indicate that the water has been boiled, which was usually placed directly on the stove.

These kettles have undergone many types of changes, many years after, in terms of design, material used and the way it has been used. All though many changes have taken place, their popularity never decreased, in fact they are intact.

Whistling kettles these days are available in many brands and in varied prices. Some of the brand varieties are:

Oggi Stainless steel kettles: This type of kettle is available in different colors which is of 1.9lt and is priced at $18. The handle of this kettle is made of Bakelite and is resistant to heat.

Medelco Glass Kettle: This kettle made of borosilicate glass is resistant to heat. 12 cups of water can be boiled in this glass kettle and this stylish kettle is priced at $12.

Whistle Mate: Whistle mate is made from clear glass and is priced for $12.

Le Creuset: This kettle has a traditional look though it is enameled. Le creuset can be placed on all types of hobs and stove tops which can also be plugged into an outlet.

Copico bella and Presto electric tea kettle are also a brand of whistling kettles which has a delicate and beautiful shape and priced at $20 and $30 respectively.

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