Tea Brewing 101

Have you tried tea brewing at the comfort of your home? There are a lot of very refreshing drinks and beverages that have emerged in the market these days. There is a whole variety on sodas or juices, and some have even developed flavored water and other variants which serve to revitalize the body with minerals and energy. But none so far has come close to the effects of authentic blended and herbal tea. A lot of other drinks out in the market even claim to relax and relieve the body from stress. However nothing would still be able to compare to the cleansing power of blended or herbal tea made in cast iron teapots as they provide the most natural remedies to almost all ailments of the human body. Even during the olden days when scientific and medical discoveries were not yet as advanced, healers and medical practitioners would rely on the wonders of herbal tea to heal bodily ailments.

Before getting started on your discovery and learning more about the kinds and effects of tea, you would firstly need to get your supplies. Cast iron teapots are the perfect partner in blending honest to goodness quality herbal tea. You would then have to familiarize yourself with the different kinds of tea and what they are often used for. Even though most kinds of tea come from the same kind of plant, namely camellia senensis, these often have different purposes and effects. Most of the tea leaves that we can find out in the market have a cleansing effect for the body which helps improve a person’s metabolism. That is why some even claim that these tea leaves work wonders as regards weight reduction efforts. But people need to be made more aware that this is not the primary purpose of tea. This tea leaves also come in different tones and colors. Naturally, darker colored leaves are said to be stronger therefore they require the most intensive boiling in order to unlock the flavor of the leaves. Usually, darker leaves would mean that they are the more processed leaves and this is why they are the ones which hold more flavors. The lighter variants of tea leaves are the ones which are a lot milder in terms of taste and effect.

Do you feel like you are ready to brew your first batch of herbal tea leaves? Then get your supplies now! You can order your cast iron teapots online now to achieve a more authentic feel in brewing your tea leaves. Don’t have your tea leaves yet? You can opt for getting tea leaves or you can go with tea bags which are easier to use and are highly recommended for starting tea brewers and drinkers. You can buy all these from a supermarket nearest you. However it is said that tea leaves and tea bags bought from the supermarket are more often than not mass produced, which are rumored to be less desirable and effective.

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