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Prehistoric Medicine – The Dawn of Human Health Care

Very little is known about prehistoric medicine apart from fossils, implements and cave drawings. Ill-health shows its marks on human remains and broken bones were a common problem. It is thought that prehistoric humans did much like animals, licking wounds, resting when sick or having been injured, seeking heat when cold and coolness when hot.

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Health Care Reforms

Cheap individual health insurance is a very important benefit that everyone should have. It may be difficult to find the right individual medical coverage. However, understanding your needs and factors in calculating premiums will help you find an affordable medical insurance that perfectly suits your health needs.

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Looking For Doctors Specializing in Candida? – Common Problems

This article is dedicated to someone who sent her problem to me about being ignored by her doctor, and she is looking for doctors specializing in candida. She is really tired of being given some stupid lecture that produces nothing from her doctors. She now has a skin infection all over her body that itches and keeps her up at night. She was told to go to the tanning bed and to take tepid showers. The back of her tongue is swelled and she is constantly tired. She is looking another doctor near her area because she feels being ignored by her doctor. Do you also have same case with this?

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What You Should Know About Your CGMP Inspection

By government mandate, the FDA is required to conduct regular cGMP inspections(cGMP I) every year, at different manufacturing establishments that have association with FDA regulated companies. Because pharmaceutical production and quality control is one of the most important functions of the FDA, the government has created Compliance Program Mandate 7346.832 requiring that regular (cMP I) be carried out, by the strictest means necessary, in full compliance with cGMP standards and requirements. This includes pharmaceutical laboratories, or any other manufacturing area that is being used for in-process or finished product testing.

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