Looking For Doctors Specializing in Candida? – Common Problems

This article is dedicated to someone who sent her problem to me about being ignored by her doctor, and she is looking for doctors specializing in candida. She is really tired of being given some stupid lecture that produces nothing from her doctors. She now has a skin infection all over her body that itches and keeps her up at night. She was told to go to the tanning bed and to take tepid showers. The back of her tongue is swelled and she is constantly tired. She is looking another doctor near her area because she feels being ignored by her doctor. Do you also have same case with this?

She is not on the diet yet because she is not sure how to survive without the things on the list and keep her blood sugar levels up.

Although I am not a doctor or a nutritionist, but I would think you can keep your blood levels up by eating small and frequent meals. The plan for the first few weeks allows nuts other than peanuts, a handful of almonds is a handful of dense nutrition, a small piece of meat and some veggies, a boiled egg on an organic rice cake, etc. The sooner you begin the sooner you will feel better.

Another example, my friend’s skin problems were the key for her in finding help. She was also frustrated when a local doctor could not diagnose the red flaky rash on her face and scalp and referred her to an expensive specialist. The doctor stated that she needed a biopsy (would leave a scar) taken of her face. Then she gave her a prescription to “try” out, even though she could not diagnose her. The dermatologist had a 2 month waiting list. And her rash was getting worse.

She happened to know a naturopath trained and licensed in Iowa, so she gave him a call. My friend runs his practice for research and in a semi-charitable manner, so her appointment was free, blood test cost $35, and she is able to buy her supplements 30% off retail price.