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Androgens in Physiology and Pathophysiology of Erectile Dysfunction

Trabecular Smooth Muscle

Androgens regulate growth and differentiation of vascular smooth muscle cells. Several researchers have hypothesized that androgens promote the commitment of pluripotent stem cells into a muscle lineage and inhibit their differentiation into an adipocyte lineage. The total number of circulating vascular progenitor cells may also be dependent on testosterone levels. Viagra Australia shop

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Erectile Dysfunction: Trouble at Any Age

It is true that ED is a condition that becomes more common as men get older, with men over the age of 65 being the most likely victims. However, erectile dysfunction is a condition that can strike any man at any point in their lives. In other words, you do not necessarily have to be old in order to have a trouble with your plumbing. Aside from getting older and having your hormones wane a little bit, ED is also caused by other physiological factors that do not necessarily have anything to do with your age.

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Non-Pharmaceutical Impotence Treatments

In 1983, the medical community finally realized that impotence required more than just psychiatric solutions. Between that year and the release of Viagra, some treatments that did not rely on pharmaceutical products appeared on the market.

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Last Longer in Bed

Masturbation is one of the best ways to understand how your body responds to sex in order to train yourself to last longer in bed. However, not all masturbation will help you and in fact it can train you to orgasm faster if done incorrectly.

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Medicines For Curing Impotence

Impotence is a question on a man’s entire manhood hence men suffering from this problem usually go into depression and feel a sense of low self esteem as they are well aware of the fact that if they do not overcome this problem their women is going to leave them sooner or later as a good and sound relationship can only be sustained if the couple enjoy a happy sex life. In this article let us find out some of the main causes of impotence and how one can overcome it.

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Erectile dysfunction is like a nightmare

Erectile dysfunction is like a nightmare which can rock your sex life but like every problem it can be cured successfully but a lot of patience is required and one should be ready to accept one’s problem and take the necessary steps. Nearly 30 million American men frequently suffer from Erectile dysfunction.
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Erectile dysfunction is sexual dysfunction caused by the constant failure to have or maintain an erection. The penis needs to be pumped with blood in order to achieve an erection but as a result of erectile dysfunction it fails to happen. When a man is aroused, his brain sends a command to the veins in the pelvis followed by the arteries pumping blood into the spongy tissues, corpora cavernosa, spanning the length of the penis but sometimes the blood does not reach the penis and no erection is achieved, despite arousal. This may be because of some injury or disease festering on the tissues, narrowing of the arteries or inability of the nervous system to respond to the arousal. The reasons for Erectile dysfunction range from physical to psychological. A person suffering from a disease like Diabetes, Multiple sclerosis, Vascular or kidney problems is likely to suffer from Erectile dysfunction but he can be cured by treating whichever disease he has. Certain medicines, like the ones taken for high blood pressure, antidepressants, tranquilizers, may also result in ED and as has been observed over 200 prescribed drugs may render a man impotent. A number of surgeries and radiation therapies damage the nerves required for pumping blood into the penis making it virtually impossible to have an erection.

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Truth About Penis Enlargement

Do you want to know the truth about penis enlargement? Well, I am going to give it to you like it is! Be prepared to find out the facts and learn 5 easy penis enlargement tips.

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Increasing Low Sperm Count And Semen Analysis

Low sperm count and infertility in men is more common than most couples think. There is an the same chance that male factor fertility can be the cause of not getting pregnant as much as a fertility issue being with the woman. The male or the female partner arouses the penis by fondling it. When the discharge is just about to occur, the glens are squeeze with the thumb and the forefinger. This avoids the semen from receiving ejaculated, and the penis becomes limp as the blood gets disgorge out of it. After a minute or so, the penis is aroused again, and again squeeze when the man is about to ejaculate.
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Semen Analysis: – In almost half the cases of sub fertility, there is a male contribution to the problem. The initial study requires a sample of semen for analysis. This is usually created at home after abstaining from ejaculation for 2 to 3 days. A shorter time than this will reduce the total number and longer abstinence can lead to a falsely high number of poorly motile sperms. The sample needs to be deliver to the laboratory within one hour for analysis.

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Benefits Of Herbal Tea

It has been approved that natural tea gives lots of well being gains to those who make a habit to drink it. The advantage of herbal tea is that it’s associated to relaxation and comfort. There are lots of branded organic teas accessible from our grocery and food stores. Organic teas are offered also in the form of tea bags, but if you ever prefer to purchase loose tea or tea herbs, then you require to add two teaspoons of fresh herbs and in case of a dry tea 1 teaspoon need to be added to one cup of water.

Natural tea is very similar like an additional tea and is prepared in the same manner as the usual tea.
Natural tea is prepared from the mixture of seeds, dried leaves, barks, nuts, flowers and fruits that add flavor and benefits to the organic tea, herbal tea is also called ti-sanes. It’s also considerably simpler to be ready and has an excellent taste.

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Premature Ejaculation Cures

There are a lot of guys around the globe who suffer from problems of premature ejaculation. This can be quite a serious issue, as females like to have their guys have staying power. There are differences in time of orgasms of males and females, and it is quite true that this problem can cause a lot of marital as well as sexual relationship dysfunctions and troubles. That is one of the main reasons why so many people are looking out for premature ejaculation cures as a means of addressing the problem and coming up trumps that threatens them so strongly.

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