Non-Pharmaceutical Impotence Treatments

In 1983, the medical community finally realized that impotence required more than just psychiatric solutions. Between that year and the release of Viagra, some treatments that did not rely on pharmaceutical products appeared on the market.

When dealing with impotence, Viagra is arguably the most commonly named answer. As the most popular pharmaceutical answer to erectile dysfunction, it is the expected first response. For most scenarios that involve the condition, it is remarkably effective and does what it says. However, there are instances where it does not work. For some men, that means they need to look at other options.

Pharmaceutical products still remain the primary choice, and alternatives to Viagra may be sought. Cialis and Levitra super active are two alternatives that have gained popularity for working in cases where the “little blue pill” doesn’t. However, some patients may choose to keep off of pharmaceutical products entirely. Keep in mind that, in many cases, non-pharmaceutical options are used only for very specific causes of impotence.

One of the options cited as an alternative erectile dysfunction treatment is the use of a penis pump. This device generates a vacuum. When used correctly, it will increase blood flow to the penis, causing temporary relief from the condition. Once the erection has been achieved, a ring is used to constrict the base and prevent the blood from flowing out of the groin area. The erection is not permanent, but usually lasts long enough for intercourse to be completed. This has been proven effective, though there are also some concerns. The ring is known to cause bruising, and some patients have reported the use of the vacuum to be painful.

Another option that does not involve the use of a drug like Cialis or Viagra would be surgery. In some instances, impotence can be caused by leaking blood vessels or damaged arterial structure. In these cases, more conventional treatments like medications and vacuum pumps would be useless. The only option is to operate on the patient and repair the damaged areas. The procedure is relatively simple, though like all operations, there is a certain amount of risk that the patient assumes when going under the knife.

Penile implants have also been cited as a possible impotence treatment. This involves an invasive procedure that places two rods made out of silicone into the penis. These rods are semi-rigid, allowing the penis to harden but still retaining a measure of flexibility. The patient also gains some degree of control over how long the erection will last. This operation is irreversible and the patient must assume all of the risks involved with undergoing a surgical procedure. Doctors have noted that one of the most dangerous complications of this treatment is infection.
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There are erectile dysfunction treatment options that do not involve the use of medication. These are commonly used for specific cases, where neither psychiatric counseling nor medication would be effective. Doctors can recommend these if their patients would prefer not to take drugs for their problem. However, drug treatments like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are still considered to be the most effective solutions for impotence. Indeed, their effectiveness is key to their success, and they ensure that erectile dysfunction is not a permanent condition.

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