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History of Baseball

A lot has been written regarding the history and origins of the sport of baseball and disagreement has surrounded the subject for over a hundred years.There has long been a legend, once widely believed by many Americans, that baseball was made-up by one Abner Doubleday in 1839.

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Using Hypnosis To Improve Baseball Skills

Can the use of hypnosis be incorporated into our regular training routines, exercise, cardio, field and hitting practice to improve our skills as a baseball player?

We readily acknowledge the extreme importance of the mental side of the game, mental toughness, visualization and positive affirmations to name a few, but could hypnosis help us harness powers we may not realize we have?

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Maple Versus Ash Wood Bats

Which wood should you choose when purchasing a bat? This is a question that has gained attention over the years and comes with much debate, but usually in the end comes down to personal preference. The differences between maple and ash wood are clear but for every one person’s con for one or the other, there is another person’s pro.

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Top 5 Tips for Bunting a Baseball

Bunting is an absolutely critical part of the game of baseball. It can be used in a number of different situations such as moving runners by sacrificing the hitter, bunting for a hit, or using squeeze plays to score a run. Proper technique is necessary for bunting in baseball, and every player should learn this skill at a young age. The below tips are the top five things that every player should know about bunting.

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Umpire Safety Tips

When properly equipped and educated, a baseball or softball umpire should be able to adequately perform his or her duties while keeping injuries to a minimum. It’s not enough just to wear the required protective gear; each piece of apparatus must be worn correctly in order to be effective.

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History of the Outfield and Infield Gloves

The game of Baseball goes back as far as the Civil War. In those early days they didn’t play the game with gloves they used their bare hands. If you put yourself in their place just think of the number of errors you would have in the field. Think about the pitcher that had to catch all the balls thrown back to him from all positions. The hardest position would have been the catcher who would have to catch those 90 plus MPH fastballs.

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The Yankee Brand Will Win

For a few minutes, forget the baseball portion of the argument. Take a step back and look at the Derek Jeter contract negotiations from a fresh perspective. Put your emotions on the shelf and think like a businessman.

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Historical Events That Lead Up to the Creation of Major League Baseball

Baseball is Americans true past time. Fans gather and cheer on their favorite team throughout the season and speak of the sport when conversing with friends, family, and co-workers. The early beginnings of baseball can be traced all the way back to the 18th century. During that time, the game was a little different, not commercialized, and the rules varied. The concepts, however, were pretty much the same. As the sport became more popular, semi-pro baseball clubs begin to develop more or less in the 1860’s.

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Baseball Training Aids

Are you looking to take your baseball skills to the next level? Do you dream of throwing harder, batting better, and fielding with ease? These are skills that can be learned, honed, and perfected and baseball-training aids can make it possible.

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Softball Uniforms

It is a fact that softball uniforms and equipment play a vital role in boosting a team’s inspiration. Earlier, heavy sweaters were standard in this sport, and occasionally, color schemes were bizarre patterns of checks or shapes. Then sweaters became passé and short windbreaker-style jackets came into vogue. They further evolved into leathers and suede’s, all for supporting a team. Today, a nylon type windbreaker is a trendy option that is used to boost team spirit.

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Madison Bumgarner is an Achiever

Madison Bumgarner is an achiever in the true sense of the word.

Madison has been in the news spotlight for quite some time now. He is one of the true giants of the San Francisco Giants.

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Where Are MLB Baseball Jerseys Made

Because of super stars such as Maradona and Pele,we know the number 10 jersey,and which has become a sign of Maradona and Pele,as soon as mention 10 jersey,we will remember them.The same is number 7,the handsome man-Beckham who wear it.

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Major League Baseball’s Commissioner’s Trophy

The New York Giants

Since their move from New York City to San Francisco before the 1958 season, the Giants and their fans have endured seasons of futility and disappointment. The last World Series win for the Giants was in 1954 against the Cleveland Indians. Since the move, The Giants made it to the World Series three times since the 1958 relocation, but lost each time. The Giants played and lost to the Florida Marlins in their last NLDS appearance in 2003, and the Marlins were the eventual World Series champs.

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I was going to write something yesterday, after Madison Bumgarner’s pitching gem put the Giants one game away from their first San Francisco championship. I was going to say that, looking back on it, October 31st of my 21st year wasn’t entirely unlike his, except I spent it stuffing my face with miniature Milky Ways while he dominated the fourth game of the World Series. But I held off – we were still one game away and this thing was far from over.

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The Baseball Tips You Must Know for Hitting

Discipline, hard work and intense focus are needed to be a great hitter. That and the easy steps I’m going to share with you in this article. Good hitting doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process that must be taken seriously.

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MLB – San Francisco Giants win the 2010 Baseball World Series

It’s been a very long while since the San Francisco Giants have won the World Series. It was due to come, since the Giants have not won a World Series since Willie Mays led the Giants to their last championship back in 1954. For years later, the franchise moved to the west, but it seems that the sunny beaches of California have not been the ideal environment for the Giants to repeat its success; until now. A group of shaggy, low-profiled players, a somewhat of an unlikely chemical bond between distinct personalities and playing stiles have all come together into what we now know as the 2010 World Series Champions.

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Baseball Coaching Tips – Practice Hitting Vs Game Hitting

Let’s understand three important principles when we talk about how to hit a baseball:

1. Mechanics, which include form and technique 2. Judgmental principles 3. Confidence

When a player is hitting off of a tee or in soft toss, this involves only mechanics. There are no judgmental or confidence factors at all involved. Whereas, in the game, judgmental principles may be even more important than mechanics. This involves reading the pitch and taking appropriate action.

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Baseball And Softball

How to Hang a Batting Cage Net!

1. You need to understand the difference between closed and open mesh. Read Mesh Instructions.

2. Be careful not to cut or pull the ropes out of your net when you open it up.

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