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How to Hang a Batting Cage Net!

1. You need to understand the difference between closed and open mesh. Read Mesh Instructions.

2. Be careful not to cut or pull the ropes out of your net when you open it up.

3. Your net is ___ ft. tall, ___ ft. wide, and ____ ft. long. If you want to check this you can count the mesh. Remember, the net takes a dip every time you hang it on a stanchion so do not make your cage longer than ____ ft.

4. You have 3 ropes laced at the top of your net. The 3 ropes are marked in the drawing below and we call them ROPE 1, ROPE 2, and ROPE 3. Notice ROPE 1 has 2 loops and 2 tails. The 2 loops are at the end that you are going to hang first. Notice that they are marked with a YELLOW tie. Just lift the loops up on the hooks inside your end frame.

5. Now go to the next stanchion and lift the net up on the next set of hooks, and proceed until you get to the end of your cage. ROPE 2 has 2 loops that are ____ ft. apart. They are marked with 2 red tapes. Lift them up on your end stanchion.

6. Now you can pull the tails of ROPE 1 to lift your net up. Tie it off when you get it where you want it. If you notice the net is uneven in some places and looks like it is not touching the ground, don’t be alarmed. All you have to do is slide the net on the rope and bring more mesh into that area and you will see the net drop to the ground. Study the mesh pattern of your net and make sure the mesh are OPEN.

7. You are going to have to play with your net making adjustments to get it the way you want it. If you need more weight at the bottom we carry a chain that can help hold the balls in, but most people just leave extra net on the ground to trap the balls.

8. Tie off the center rope to give the net more support to lift it up in the center.

9. Just a few tips: nets last a lot longer if you take them down in the winter. Consider putting an impact screen behind home plate to take the impact off the net where it get pounded.

10. If you need assistance, first scratch your head, drink 2 cups of coffee, and then call contact us, and we’ll try to help you out. The first time is always the hardest!

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