Softball Uniforms

It is a fact that softball uniforms and equipment play a vital role in boosting a team’s inspiration. Earlier, heavy sweaters were standard in this sport, and occasionally, color schemes were bizarre patterns of checks or shapes. Then sweaters became passé and short windbreaker-style jackets came into vogue. They further evolved into leathers and suede’s, all for supporting a team. Today, a nylon type windbreaker is a trendy option that is used to boost team spirit.

All softball teams wear distinctive uniforms. Usually, a uniform includes a cap, a shirt, an undershirt, and pants. Standards are laid down for these items.

For a team, caps must be identical, and are mandatory for male team members. Caps, visors, and headbands are non-obligatory for female players, and must be of the same color if more than one is put on. For a fielder choosing to wear a helmet or a cap is optional. At the back of a shirt, a number from 1 to 99 must be observable, and numbers like 02 and 2 are deemed identical. A player’s name should not necessarily be present on a uniform. Players cannot wear jewelry during a game, but some types of bracelets and necklaces are allowed. It is mandatory for all players to wear shoes, and shoes may have spikes, but these must not extend more than 1.9 centimeters away from sole. Wearing rounded metal spikes is prohibited, as these are made from hard plastic or other synthetic materials. Removable metal cleats are not allowed at any level of play, in order to reduce the possibility of severe injuries when a runner slides feet-first into a fielder. At all youth levels, that is under 15, in co-ed or mixed teams, use of metal spikes is forbidden in slow and modified pitches.

Every softball game has two teams, and if teams are wearing different uniforms, it becomes easier for players to distinguish among their teammates and opponents. Players in uniform get a sense of unity among themselves.

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