How To Manage Behavior, Not Person – Get a Peripheral Sight

When Michael Grinder speaks, he is silent. When he gives a message, he looks away and when he communicates the participants understands.

There are cats and dogs. In the human world. Dog People, who love routines and want everyone to enjoy and get along. Cat people, who loves chaos and are attracted to danger. How can we communicate with each other, dogs and cats?

Michael Grinder is a frequent visitor to Sweden and many other countries. From Portland, USA, he has built a platform for non-verbal communication, which he teaches to people of all professions. It can be teachers and principals who want to learn group dynamics and business managers who need to sharpen their recruitment processes.

Thursday’s day of the course was about how we talk to each other without words. Body language accounts for 80% of communication, then it makes little difference how much we’re talking.

“We are far too oral, says Michael Grinder. This gives rise to major problems of communication, especially between different cultures. Gestures and above all pausing are a universal language.

The day was filled with lots of laughter and “aha” moments when the 150 participants recognized familiarity in the stereotypes presented. Michael Grinder shone with energy and willingness to teach. There were lots of role playing on stage and even more fictional by using chairs as Michael moved around so that we could understand.

-You must be visual if you will manage to communicate! Michael Grinder said. People will follow your eyes, so look where you want them to look.
The day was an appetizer of the course organized by the Villa Harmony in March next year. Mats Ohlsson runs Villa Harmony with his wife Lisbeth and has a collaboration with Michael Grinder since 2005.

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