Custom Plush Toys

Do you want to know how it feels to discover a goldmine? That would be impossible to describe unless you actually discover a real goldmine. But for a feeling close to it, you can think of an idea for custom plush toys – think of a design to make it a reality. You have to understand that you’ll have no use for a wonderful idea if you’re not going to approach the best manufacturer. You can then express your idea the best possible way using the design of the plush toys.

If you have a design, you would feel as if you’ve won the jackpot. You can see success coming your way. With the design, you can actually see it happening because it would be easier to visualize. So you approach a chosen plush manufacturer with your design in hand. You approach them with head held high and words running in your mind that you are a great inventor with a great design at hand.

But then it hits you like a runaway train. The manufacturer is telling you things to improve your toys. You might be wondering how they can criticize your wonderful idea. But is it really criticism? Remember, you approached that specific manufacturer for a reason since you believed that only they could help your stuffed toys succeed. You base this belief on their years of expertise in this trade. So what are you going to do when they start “criticizing” your idea?

Don’t take offense to the criticism. They’re not in this business to criticize – the company is a plush manufacturer for a reason. They’re there to help you succeed with your idea. The only way they can do this is to call it as they see it. They can give you feedback regarding the idea and design of your toys. Remember, they’re giving it so you can take it into consideration. Obviously, they’re more experienced than you are and there might be some things that they see and you don’t.

On the other hand, what are you going to do with a manufacturer who starts praising your idea to high heavens? You have to be careful about them. If they don’t care to tell you if there’s something that can be done to improve your plush dolls, then they just want your money. They don’t really care if you succeed or not.

Don’t worry about getting constructive criticism and feedback regarding your stuffed toys. Remember, you still have the last word. A reliable manufacturer will get your approval every step of the way. You have to approve of the initial prototype and every change that happens along the way. As the toy inventor, it’s just fitting that the resulting custom stuffed toy is what you wanted. You can think of it as having an adviser. You’ll gather all the feedback, deliberate on it, and have the last say.

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