Knowing Headaches

Headache is the most common phenomenon that disturbs our routine life. You will not be able to do your work either at home or at your work place. Usually, this pain is experienced in the forehead around the area of your eyes or the upper portion of your neck.

There are three major varieties of headaches. The first is tension headache, the next one is migraine and the third one is cluster headache. Cluster headaches are otherwise called primary headaches.

  1. Tension headaches have become highly common nowadays because due to competition that prevails in almost all the fields, people are subjected to a lot of stress and this causes headaches. Due to worries, excessive work pressure and tense situations, people experience these headaches. But, these headaches just disappear once these situations change.
  2. A WHO study says that about one-eighth of the world population suffer from Migraine headaches. This study says that children are also affected by migraine. The population of women who suffer from migraine is much more than that of men. Migraine can affect a person due to genetic reasons also. If the parents had a history of this problem, there are chances that children may also be affected by migraine. It has been found that consanguineous marriages may also cause migraine. Migraine should not be ignored because it may cause problems such as blood pressure, cholesterol, certain heart ailments, etc. So, you should consult your doctor and take appropriate treatment for this.
  3. Cluster headaches or primary headaches are more common in men. When men are affected by this type of headache, their performance levels come down. They will not be able to concentrate on whatever they do. These headaches may be accompanied by nausea, sleeping problems and loss of appetite. Excessive acidity may also cause primary headaches. If a person skips meals or starves, acidity problem develops and this causes headache. Taking timely and healthy food is the only way to cure these headaches. Along with your food, you should also drink sufficient water and take rest for some time and you will definitely be relieved of these primary headaches that are caused due to acidity.

There can be other causes also for headaches like over-doing of exercises, change in weather conditions, smells of certain odors, constipation and so on. But, once you tackle the basic causes, these headaches will go away. Only if your headache persists, you need to consult a doctor in these types of headaches.

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