Fast Migraine Cure

According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 28 million individuals suffer migraine in the US alone. This is because of their lifestyles and bad habits in nutrition. Chronic migraine symptoms and causes must be determined to cure it properly.

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Here are the identifiable symptoms and causes of migraines and how to treat them.

Symptoms of migraine:

  • Moderate to severe throbbing pain in the head due to swelling of the blood vessels.
  • Pulsating pain on either side of the head
  • Unbearable headache causing you to stop your daily activities
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Light sensitivity
  • Sleeping patterns are disrupted
  • Onset of stress and anxiety
  • Irritation to noise and strong odors

Causes of migraine:

  • Strong glare from light bulbs, fluorescent lights and electronic appliances like computer monitors.
  • Strong odors like perfumes, acid compounds and cleaning products.
  • Improper sleeping patterns
  • Stressful environment
  • Polluted environment (noise pollution)
  • Smoking ( 1st or 2nd hand smokers)
  • Hunger and “junk foods” ( improper diet)
  • Climate or weather changes
  • Improper medication

These are the chronic migraine symptoms and causes. Fortunately, there is chronic migraine treatment.

Here are the remedies and treatments.

Proper nutrition – Foods included in the food pyramid are to be followed to make your immune system healthy. Avoid junk foods especially foods that contain nitrates and MSG (monosodium glutamate). These chemicals trigger migraine so it is best to avoid it.

Fruits and vegetables are perfect to detoxify your body resulting to good circulation of blood.

Proper sleepSleeping at least 8 hours a day to relax your body and mind is a good idea. But do not over-sleep because it may trigger migraine.

Find a quiet place – Finding a quiet place and a nice ambience will relax your brain and body. Take your time to take away your stress and just relax.

ExerciseExercise is a good method to reduce the onset of migraine. It stimulates proper blood circulation in the head and body and it reduces the swelling of the blood vessels.

Hot and coldAn ice pack in the forehead and a nice hot water for the feet to soak is a fast way to reduce migraine. The cold pressure in the head reduces the blood vessels to swell and the hot water stimulates blood circulation.

Massage – A relaxing massage is a nice idea to take away the pain in your head. It promotes blood circulation and it significantly reduces stress including migraine.

Caffeine – Caffeine can stimulate the nerves. Consume a small amount (at least 1 cup a day) of coffee or tea to reduce migraine. Do not drink too much because it may aggravate the onset of migraine.

Yoga – Yoga is an effective way to relieve you from stress triggering migraine. Meditate using the techniques of Yoga to relax your mind and body. Make sure you implement this in a quiet and relaxing place.

Migraine can be prevented if you stay healthy and active. Eat nutritious food and be active with your friend, family and in your work. Be migraine free!

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