The Root Cause of Headaches

Headache is basically a symptom of pain resulting from some inner malfunctioning of the body. It is one of the most commonly occurring health problems among people worldwide. Virtually on an average every individual suffers from it at one time or the other in life. No single factor is responsible as a cause of headaches. There can be multiple causes behind it. But whatever the causes, there is a better way to get at the basic roots of this problem.
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In fact the most obvious cause of headache can be taken in general so that the best way to gain knowledge about it becomes simple regardless the multiple causes behind it. Firstly the aching experienced in the head is the result of pain signals a body feels in the head because the brain is the most sensitive signal processing and emitting area of the body. A typical case of situation building to result in a headache is when stress in the body increases and gets no healthy outlet. For example in deep grief if a person does not weep or cry, the emotions do not get exercise and so the stress accumulates and results in headache.

The main problem of the head is that it itself being so sensitive has to naturally depend on other body parts to clear the stress out of the body. All types of body or physical activities tend to remove stress through muscles. When muscles nearest to head like eye muscles, jaw muscles, neck muscles etc do not get regular exercise, the stress begins to slowly build up. These muscles are like batteries which can hold current but when the accumulation of stress is more than relieving it the result is stress converted into pain and is transferred to the brain to let know the signals like warning. The head then experiences the pain and we begin to complain about it.

Highly beneficial is to know the simple body and mental mechanics in a person. The farther the stress from the brain in the areas like feet muscles, legs and arms, the less the chances of headache but nearer the stress condition is to the brain areas like muscles in eyes,cheeks and jaws, the chances of headache increase. Rather than stress alone, it is the accumulation of stress like spill over failing to get outlet and thus ending in a headache. Although the body is naturally designed to tolerate some amount of stress and limited stress does not convert into headache automatically yet when it adds up and gets no outlet, then the result is headache.

Acute pain in head actually is the prolonged and sustained conditions of failure of the body to get rid of stress. The matter so happens that the tired muscles retain the effect of stress for a time waiting to clear. But when there is no chance to outlet, the stress slowly builds up and in most cases, a certain part in the body like feet may show symptoms of pain. Now if the pain in the feet gets relieved by our efforts of massage, pressing them or by physical soothing therapy, it goes away. But quite in an opposite situation, the feet may not develop pain to show it and rather the stress shifts slowly to near to brain areas and ends up in brain which shows as headache.

It is common in persons who complain of frequent headaches that they feel tiredness in eyes. The most sensitive muscles are quick to show this stress especially eye muscles because these are parts directly involved in mental functions of the body. It is interesting to know that people involved in physical labor may not have as much headache as those working in office with files and paper work in mental labor. The fact that physical tiredness takes time to build in mental tiredness and then to stress is a longer time and hence there are chances that it does not get time to build up and is eliminated before assuming the form of mental stress and so free from headache.

In other cases like mental jobs, the parts involved are directly the perceptions related to feelings like watching, hearing, and paying attention to finer details in files, mechanical procedures like mending watches which need deep attention on micro levels. In such conditions, the tiredness in muscles nearest to brain do not get much time to relieve and so converts easily into stress and headache in the end. To conclude it must be realized that mental procedures are much more stressful and vulnerable to cause pain to the head rather than physical procedures in direct participation of the body in different functions in daily life of people.
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It is important to understand the basic of problem in human body. Headache is a symptom rather than a problem. If people realize that it should be removed of the causes leading to it, there is little or no chance to develop problems like migraine. Chronicle stages of pain can be avoided by understanding the causes of their early stages and avoiding them in first place.

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