A Cure for Insanity

Einstein nailed it when he defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Yet, how often do we wish aspects of our lives would change even though we’re doing the same things (behaviors/actions) we always have!

Change can be difficult because we all develop patterns and habits that support us where we are now (in relationships, career, health…). We literally are doing the same things over and over! In order to move into a new realm, we need to let go of past habits and behaviors and develop new ones.

Here’s some good news; I found it to be true time after time: once you have made a significant change in one area of your life, you already have most of the skills needed to make changes in other areas too. So, let your success in one area encourage you to tackle other areas too. To help you succeed, I’ve outlined factors that play an important role in your success.

Personal awareness. When you are aware of your thoughts, mindset, and actions, then you’re able to see your behavior patterns; you may see ways you’re sabotaging your success. You must be willing to be honest with yourself (that doesn’t mean you berate yourself, it just means that you accept responsibility for where you are).

Consistent effort on your part. You have developed patterns and habits that support your life in its current state; if you keep those patterns and habits, your life will stay pretty much the same. To bring about something new and wonderful, you will need to create new ways of being. And that means not just changing yours actions/behaviors/thought once, but changing them every time you’re in that situation. Without consistency you won’t have the outcome you desire. Here’s where having a support system and accountability are vital (a coach can provide you with both).

Some changes take time; don’t expect to see results immediately. I love instant gratification; you do something and get to immediately see the results. For folks like me, who don’t do well with delayed gratification, it’s important to set many short-term goals that can be celebrated when reached. This way you won’t give up because you’ll have lots of victories en route to your larger goal.

Don’t be surprised if it’s a little harder than you were expecting. When you are focused on your goal and are motivated to change, you feel like you can do whatever it takes. On the way to your goal though, obstacles may arise that you hadn’t planned on. Instead of letting this catch you off-guard, know that it’s often part of the process. Lean on and receive encouragement from your support system. Once you make it past that obstacle, give yourself credit and celebrate, knowing that you are in the process of making a significant change.

Change happens when we let go of old, self-limiting patterns and create new, healthier ones!