Life Coaching Through Colour

Life Coaching Through Colour

Colour Therapy is based on the principle that each colour has a unique vibrational pattern that can be used to bring balance into various areas of your intellectual, physical, and spiritual life.

If you think about it in basic terms, life is energy and all energy comes from the sun. We use the energy and light from the sun in a number of ways from producing foods we eat to creating enough energy to keep ourselves warm. Another form of sunlight that has the power to shape our lives is visible light seen in the colours of rainbows. Rainbow colours are infused with their own vibrational energy that promote many healing qualities. And colour healing has been used in alternative health practices known as colour therapy or chromotherapy since the beginning of time.

Colour therapy is not a new idea. The practice actually dates back to the ancient Ayurvedic system of medicine practiced in India for thousands of years, a therapy still gaining attention and new followers today. The practice is centred on the idea of the body being divided into the seven energy centres also known as chakras.

Colour based life coaching uses colour to restore balance and harmony within the chakras. For example, use ORANGE to activate your lower digestive system, or if you experience regular bouts of bloating and water retention perhaps your ORANGE centre is off kilter. Well trained Colour Life Coaches help you create customized plans incorporating the benefits of colour therapy to enhance and improve various aspects of your life needing attention.

In colour therapy, every colour in the rainbow is associated with specific traits. For example, RED is a stimulating colour, associated with courage, vitality, sexuality and energy. The benefits of using the colour RED can be anything from increasing self-confidence to treating conditions associated with a sluggish circulatory system, such as anemia. For an individual with an overabundance of red, however, you may be advised to focus on reducing impatience and aggressiveness. For individuals lacking the traits needed to succeed in their careers, ORANGE and YELLOW chakras may be out of balance. ORANGE is associated with resourcefulness, optimism, success and inspiration, all attributes necessary for accomplishment in any field. Yellow is associated with improved memory attentiveness, self-assurance, increased energy and enhancements in making choices, all skills that will come in handy for those looking to advance to positions of leadership.

Life coaching through colour will take advantage of the various health benefits and mental attributes associated with each colour to help you find balance. For example, a colour therapist may encourage wearing more blue to improve communication. Alternatively, bedroom walls could be painted green to encourage serenity and reduce stress, thereby increasing relaxation to help you get a good night’s sleep. Indigo coloured card sets, swatches, or coloured water bottles could be used to help treat allergies. The use of purple coloured eyeglasses, gemstones and candles are useful for inspiring creativity and reducing irritation.

Ultimately, making use of colour therapy can be inexpensive and just requires making a few adaptations to your lifestyle. You can add coloured light bulbs to lamps or immerse yourself in coloured bath oils when taking a bath. It is even possible to focus on soothing colours when meditating to ease anxiety. Colour based therapy can also be combined with other alternative treatments such as massage therapy, herbal medicine and aromatherapy to improve your quality of life.

Just as life is energy, life is also colour! Colour therapy has proven throughout centuries to be a non-invasive therapeutic practice, suitable for all ages. The use of chromotherapy and life coaching is a simple practice. Allow colour to radiate within you, heal aches, pains and frustrations, while restoring vibrancy to your life.