7 Reasons to Love Pizza

Just the word “pizza” makes a person’s mouth water. Pizzas are some of the most popular foods for individuals old and young. Ask one-hundred kids what their favorite food is and the majority of them will grin and answer “pizza!” This item is on the menu of day care centers, elementary schools, college cafeterias, corporate cafes and nursing homes. Varieties of it appear in yuppie venues, downtown pizzerias or served alongside the cotton candy stand at the state fair. It’s held out as a prize in contests and delivered to the front door of all who own a phone, wallet and a set of taste buds. Why do so many individuals have such a long-standing love affair with a pizza pie? Here are 7 reasons:

1) Taste: Some foods are tasty because of a single ingredient while others are delicious because of the delectable combination. While a yeasty baked crust, a savory tomato sauce and a sprinkling of grated fresh cheese are yummy on their own, put them all together and the combo creates a perfect taste.

2) Smell: A sensory delight for one’s nose, the aroma of a freshly baked pie can cause squeals of delight from anyone in sniffing range. Once a person smells it, he or she has to take a bite.

3) Visual appeal: Any chef knows that presentation is important when creating an epicurean delight. Colors and arrangement on plate will tantalize and entice diners. The circular shape, bright red sauce, white cheeses and rainbow of topping hues create a visual feast for the eyes before a bite is taken.

4) Easy to transport: Pizzas are even better than all-in-one-pot dishes. Casseroles or stews have always been popular for having all ingredients in one container. But a flat pie that can be placed in a box, stacked up and driven across town is the most transportable menu item of all times. No one sees many “casserole delivery” drivers out there for good reason.

5) Nutritious: Veggies, protein and carbohydrates all inhabit the same pan. A slice of veggie or meat pizza will meet every nutritional requirement on the food pyramid.

6) Inexpensive: If a person is on a tight budget, pizzas can be double or triple cut to feed a crowd. Crusts, sauce, sprinklings of mozzarella and a few toppings can be cooked at home for pennies.

7) Versatile: No matter what a person’s favorite food is, it is likely to be a suitable topping for a pizza. Vegetarians can skip the meat and add whatever the seasonal markets will allow. Asparagus, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, spinach, or anything the farmers are growing at the moment will be perfect. Carnivores can pile on the chicken, sausage, ham or roast beef if they really feel like it. Even fruit such as pears, mandarin oranges or pineapple can make tasty toppings.

There probably 100 reasons for the foods popularity. It was invented in Italy but it has become a most coveted menu item in America and around the globe. It’s a food item that is tasty, smells good, looks amazing, easy to transport, nutritious, inexpensive and versatile. No wonder we all love it.

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