A Closer Look at 3 Philadelphia Food Districts

Philadelphia Food Districts

Philadelphia has a long tradition in many foods. From World Class Restaurants to Cheese Steaks to Pretzels. Looking a bit closer, Philadelphia has a number of well know food districts with particular regional influences. Each has a unique story.

China Town

11th & Race St.

Philadelphia’s Chinatown was first formed in the 1870s. The neighborhood, which continues to develop, now consists of over 50 restaurants and 15 grocery stores, as well as other businesses such as coffee shops, bakeries, and more. Chinatown in Philadelphia has become a popular attraction to tourists around the world wanting to get a taste of Chinese culture without having to visit China to get it.

Italian Market

9th Street

Home to the oldest and largest working outdoor market in the United States. For those who care to look deeper than the rustic appearance, they can almost see back in time and live the immigrant experience. The Italian market is a place to experience and discover. You can explore the sights and cultures mingling in a medieval bazaar atmosphere. While still primarily focused on “Italian” The Italian Market also has a plethora of markets servicing just about every food niche.There are over 100 merchants at he market including four stores that exclusively sell cheese in every variety. Seven meat markets selling everything from real prime cuts to a full selection of game meats. There are also four fish merchants each with their own assortment of fish and shellfish with their own specialties. There are seven parking lots, three municipal and four fee-for-parking lots to serve your needs.

Restaurant Row

Rittenhouse Square/Center City

Center City, Philadelphia has a rich history unto itself. The first cooking school in the US opened in Philadelphia in 1808 by a pastry shop owner named Elizabeth Goodfellow. Also a Philadelphia first was the “Automat” In 1902, the very first Horn & Hardart automat opened at 1818 Chestnut.

Today, it is home of several World Renowned and top-notch restaurants of few peers. Whatever your pleasure Steak, Seafood, or International cuisine All are available at exquisite levels. Some of the big names include Alma de Cuba, Le Bec-Fin, Morton’s, Pietro’s, Portico, just to name a few. Expect to spend at least $75 per person before Drinks. Of course, there are numerous other options to dine in addition to the High End restaurants. The entire area is full of wonderful places to eat, drink, and play. If you haven’t done so already, you really should come and spend a day or an evening.