Advice For Buyers Of HCG Drops

Where to buy HCG drops is certainly an often raised question asked by everybody who wants to lose weight on the HCG diet. The HCG diet drops are one of two main ways you can take the hormone HCG into your body, the other way being by injections. However, for the diet to work it is crucial that you buy quality HCG only, without throwing your money away to fraudsters. There are many cases of fraud HCG being sold on the Internet.
hcg dropsSo where do we buy HCG drops for weight loss? There are several companies that should interest you if you are about to start the diet with the drops. One of the best-established brands on the HCG diet market is HCG Slenderize. They sell homeopathic HCG drops, which works in a little different way than the normal pharmaceutical HCG. If you know what homeopathy is based upon, you must know that the amounts of the actual substance HCG are much lower than in the normal drops. It is said that this little amount makes our bodies produce HCG per se, however, the trustworthiness of this statement is often doubted.

Yet there are many people, who have had success with homeopathic HCG. So whom to trust? You should trust both sides. From my experience, it’s true that homeopathic HCG doesn’t work for everybody, you have to try for yourself to see to it that it will work for you.

Luckily, there are ways to get free HCG online. Usually only one bottle, but it is a way to try the HCG diet for free. The mentioned company provides this option, they send out free bottles of their product on a daily basis.

There are more producers I could recommend to you, including HCG Ultra Diet Drops, Her HCG and HCG Supercharged. Let’s review them one by one.

HCG Ultra Diet Drops provide three different plans and it’s up to your preference, which one you’ll choose. To be exact, it depends on how much weight you want to lose. As far as I remember, plan 1 is for people who want to lose 40 lbs or more and the other two plans are for anyone who is to lose less than that. These drops are also homeopathic.

Her HCG is liked by many and it certainly is one of the well-known and well-established HCG producers. Nothing particular occurs to me now that is worth mentioning, except for the fact that these drops are really cheap, so if you are sure you want to go on the diet, you may want to consider Her HCG.

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What about HCG Supercharged? Let me tell you that they are also homeopathic, meaning you don’t to have the drops prescribed before buying them. HCG Supercharged also provide a free solution for you if you are still not sure about starting the diet. All you pay is the shipping and handling fee, which should not be more than 5 bucks.