Antique Accent Lamps – A Little Classic

Antique Accent Lamps – A Little Classic

Accent lamps are the little charmers of the lighting world! Antique accent lamps may be small but are underrated for the immense charm they can impart.

Charm is a word we hear very little of these days, although it’s something we naturally look for. We may not often hear the word, but there’s a part of us that seeks it out. Charm can be defined in a number of ways: – to attract, or delight, to enchant. Charm is alluring, or pleasing, a particular quality that attracts and delights.

Accent lamps are small and sometimes, very small. The title itself is derived from the word, to accentuate, to highlight, or shed light on a small area.

An accent lamp will not illuminate a room or hall way, but is the perfect choice as a small task light. The accent lamp is considered to be niche lighting and most successfully used to provide light on a desk, a small side table, sideboard or even a mantle piece. Accent lamps are also chosen as small bed side lamps.

Antique accent lamps are classified as decorative lighting and are widely used as a decorative, artistic element, such as placed behind a small collection of photo frames or a collection of silver or porcelain. As the name suggests, accent lamps are designed to draw attention to a particular area.

The accent lamp is more than a light; its light can set the mood and feel of a room while making a contribution to the comfort and design of the interior. Accent lamps are usually fitted with 25 watt bulbs / globes.

The selection of an appropriately chosen lamp shade is important and lamp and shade should work with the existing interior design. The accent lamp is generally no taller than 15″ / 38cm including the lamp shade.

As with all table lighting, accent lamps can come in a vast range of designs and styles, from the minimalistic, hardly there look, Art Deco, 50’s retro, or classic. My broader taste probably fits eclectic, which can makes room for most styles, but my preferred taste is classic, traditional interior design. Classic is defined as a work of recognised excellence, or, one that has stood the test of time.

The accent lamp lends itself beautifully to the classic style of niche lighting. Being small, it can very easily find a home in that corner that always looks under lit, on a book shelf, or on a piano.

An antique, classic lamp, by definition, is well qualified, having seen a minimum of 100 years of changes in fashion, trends and faddish crazes. Here it stands a century later, as elegant and timeless as the day it was made, having survived them all!

Sophisticated interior design requires thoughtful and subtle lighting. To over or under light a beautiful interior is to detract from the finished effect. The great benefit of table lamp lighting is that it is easily portable, allowing for lighting to be repositioned to produce the most satisfactory outcome. For a classic or eclectic interior, fine antique table lamps will quickly pull the look together, adding interest and an overall sense of high style.

Our home interiors are an important part of our lives offering an excellent means of self expression and comfortable retreat from the busyness of the world in which we live. Well placed antique and decorative lamps with their gentle, glowing light make a valuable contribution to the feeling of any classic interior.

Illustrated is a little, early 19th century milk glass accent lamp -:

A very pretty, early 19th century, Bohemian, milk glass, accent lamp. The decoration in 18th century, French decorative style, complete with floral swags and ribbons. The lamp decorated in polychrome enamels with an oval medallion.

The medallion very prettily painted with a riverside scene, a mill and arched footbridge. The framed medallion “suspended” with a tied bow of coral ribbon. The lamp on a custom made base, lacquered in satin coral. The custom made lamp cap, gold plated bronze. This is an appealing little lamp with a real feminine charm. The lamp circa 1825 with an overall height of 15″ / 38cm

Bohemia was part of the vast Hapsburg Empire and had a long tradition of glass making with important examples being made in the 15th century. After the dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1993, Bohemia became part of the new Czech Republic.

A carefully chosen accent or table lamp will reward you with a lot more than the quest for additional lighting. Remember that the essence of a room is lighting and this can make or break an interior. The careful placement of accent lighting will guarantee to add a further dimension to the feel and comfort of a room.