Bringing Zen Into the Media Room

A media room is traditionally filled with a lot of action packed movies and games. If the room is decorated in a style that is too overpowering, it cannot only overshadow the media, it can also disturb the comfort of the room. By bringing Zen into the media room, there is a distinct counterbalance that occurs. The ideas below will help spark creativity and make the media room a comfortable and relaxing escape.

Natural Elements
Zen is all about being in tune with nature and minimalism. In the media room, this can be achieved by incorporating wood grains into the furniture and accessories. A natural wood media cabinet in a smooth, uncluttered finish is a great place to start. Another idea is to incorporate plants into the space. Potted bamboo comes in a variety of sizes and shapes and can draw nature in without overpowering the room with greenery. Small accessories, such as wooden coasters or wooden frames around the pictures or posters on the wall, make a big impact, as well. Choose simple, natural pieces that are not filled with busy patterns or finishes. In Zen, the emphasis is on the simplistic.

Organization in the media room is key to reducing visual clutter. In Zen, the idea is to reduce the number of things in a room to create a more open and uncluttered space. Choose a media cabinet that can be closed to hide the theater system, video game consoles and routers. Invest in large, covered wicker baskets that can slide under the side tables or coffee table and hold pillows, throw blankets and other things that may be needed in the room. Wicker baskets provide not only storage, but also draw in elements of nature. Make use of closets, drawers and cabinet space to hide things from sight that are not needed. An uncluttered space is naturally a relaxing space.

Zen theories rely on calming, neutral colors. Fire Engine Red or Sunshine Yellow would never be colors that would be found in a room that was trying to achieve a Zen look and feel. Instead, warm shades of cream or tan would be more likely. In a media room, choose colors that are warm in tone and are done in a matte finish. The matte finish will help reduce glare and create a calming, peaceful feel. For furniture, opt for brown leathers and wooden tables. The brown leather seating is much gentler visually, and it ties in with the Zen idea of bringing nature indoors. Wooden tables that complement the sofas will help create a cohesive look and feel to the media room, as well.

Adding elements of the Zen philosophy to the media room is not a difficult task. It does, however, require a willingness to coordinate pieces and choose wisely when furnishing the room. Thankfully, the theory of Zen is focused on minimalism, so there will not be too many purchasing choices to make. With a calm, relaxing media room, family and guests will be able to enjoy the space and feel comfortable being there.

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