Decorate Glass in Your Home

Nowadays, more and more people are looking for ways to infuse more energy into their homes with the use of decorations. These decorations need not be brand new and expensive. In fact, there are hundreds of inexpensive things that you can utilize to decorate your home without having to drop lots of money on these. Specifically, if you think your glass shelves and cabinet doors need major repair and are tempted to tear them out to replace them with other materials, think again! This can cost you thousands that you don’t really need to spend.

Most of the time, redecoration or renovation just takes is a bit of creativity and ingenuity. With this article, we present a very versatile item that you can use to liven up and decorate your glass shelves and glass cabinet doors. If you are ready, then better grab a pen and paper and start drawing up a list based on these suggestions.

  • Dress up your kitchen using tinted film
  • Most kitchens have glass cabinet doors and even glass shelves. Do you know that one inexpensive way to jazz them up is to use tinted film that can be applied and removed easily from the surface? To add colour to the room, you can choose tinted films whose colours match and complement your existing kitchen cabinets and countertops. Use this tinted film on kitchen windows, doors with glass cabinets, glass shelves, and even on the tiles. Although most people who have not yet tried using such decorative treatment may feel as if this is a tacky décor option, modern versions of the product are now better designed and more contemporary.

  • Add details to existing doors and windows
  • Another good way to decorate glass in your home is to add ornate details on existing glass surfaces in your home such as your main door, patio door (if you have one), sliding cabinet doors, and windows. Adding small decorative touches to these surfaces will certainly update their looks and make them complement the rest of the room. For instance, contemporary-styled homes can go for an etched look in their doors and windows. These are translucent and opaque, so they can also block the view from the outside. For French country flair in the living room, why not add ivy-patterned borders or trellis-inspired tinted films onto the windows. These tinted films can also help cover small cracks so you do not need to pay for glass repair.

  • Create an elegant bathroom
  • The bathroom is probably the room in the house that has the most glass surfaces-some may require glass repair and some may not. In any case, you can create an elegant bathroom with just a few rolls of decorative film. You can begin by decorating the shower stall either by covering the entire surface with frosted film or by decorating the corners with ornate accent details. Moving on to the windows, you can use the same bits of film to screen out unwanted ‘viewers’ while complementing the look of the shower stall. Finally, you can dress up the main mirror and glass shelves to complete the overall look. As you do these activities, do remember to have fun and enjoy!

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