Changing habits of the frequent visitor

The favourable conditions in Dubai have made it a prime candidate for both, business as well as leisure. The temperate weather and wonderful beach life have been a historic appeal to tourists. Business visitors have shown a traditional preference in exploring the local leisure options, after work hours. There are a sizeable chunk of people, who, on account of their frequency of visits, consider the city to be their second home. They soon realized the monetary savings to be had by looking beyond the ubiquitous hotel room and choosing to explore alternate avenues instead. However, though the desirability for a second home in Dubai was high, the prices being demanded for such properties meant that these dreams had to be kept on hold.

The recent corrections in the realty sector have brought these dreams out of the closets and people are one again, looking at that second home in Dubai, again. Cutting across nationalities and races, when looking for a second home in Dubai, the demands are the same. Quality construction, great location, well appointed amenities and furnishings, etc. are some of the aspects that prospective clients look for when choosing a Dubai property.

The authorities too have been a contributing factor to this phenomenon. The rules now permit expat visitors to purchase properties in specially demarcated areas of the city, commonly known as freehold areas. Buyers, who purchase properties, automatically become eligible for a multiple-entry visa, whose validity is for six months. This is a great way for expat home owners to enjoy the benefits of their property purchases without the entry hassles. Recent developments are rumored to offer owners/buyers of high-end properties, visas that allow them to stay back in Dubai for up to three years. This rumored development, if notified into a law, should bring in renewed investments into the realty sector and rejuvenate it once again.

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