Creating an Ad Campaign

In order to create an ad campaign that resonates, you need to consider every part of the pre-production process. For budding ad whizzes, pre visualization becomes a keystone of the creative process. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of pre viz, you will be interested in learning more about the ways today’s best ad campaigns are mapped out before the final product hits the marketplace…

Pre visualization is achieved by imagining the entire campaign, frame by frame – usually, effective pre viz involves the use of storyboards. Each image, line of dialogue, or block of text is laid out in a linear fashion, creating a cohesive end result. This polished timeline establishes the pacing and “feel” of your artistic vision. Without a proper pre visualization process, time, money, and effort may be wasted.

Tightening up your script, vision, and layout should be primary goals when you begin to create an ad campaign. Brainstorming with other “creatives” can be a great way to expand your concept and flesh it out. Once you’ve gotten the basics in place, consider storyboarding your campaign to organize your thoughts and ideas. This part of the process is really the essence of pre visualization.

In the past, ad directors were forced to rely on paper storyboards that required the drawings of a live artist. This time-consuming process could bring a lot of drama – missed deadlines and artistic differences would often erupt as the pressure rose. However, modern pre visualization software has eased the burden on today’s ad agencies and creatives. By offering a complete “cast” of pre-loaded characters, as well as backgrounds, special effects, and sound, film pre visualization software has made storyboarding faster, more enjoyable, and much more affordable.

Your finished product will reflect on you – it must also please the client. If you’re trying to build a reputation, professional storyboards that “pop” will help you achieve your goals. Importing images to use in your storyboards will be simple – as well, you’ll be able to create Flash movies of your finished, frame-by-frame layout. You can even share your work on your website, blog, or iPhone. High technology gives film pre visualization software great scope and flexibility.

Creating finished storyboards in mere minutes becomes possible with today’s cutting-edge programs. The problems of the past recede as you point-and-click your way to engaging storyboards that resonate with your target audience. By the time you’re done, you’ll be able to concentrate on all the variables and logistics of your production. Your perfect “model” of the ad campaign will be the foundation upon which you can refine and streamline your vision. Experimenting, previewing your work, and making changes will be a breeze!

Once your storyboards are complete, you can begin to go deeper into the production process. This should include a detailed budget, location issues, and casting (if applicable). Effective pre viz helps you create a template that you and your team can refer to during production. Making your ads come alive will be a pleasure when you’ve already covered all of the bases.