Darts Tips – Throwing A Dart Straight

Darts Tips – Throwing A Dart Straight

The distance between the dartboard and throwing line may only be just short of eight feet, but any dart that is propelled even slightly off straight will be well wide of the intended target by the time it hits the board. Just as in golf or tennis, the error is magnified over a distance. But just how do you develop a consistent straight throw?

darts_tipsWhen it comes to performing consistently at a high level in any sport or game of skill, it is normally a question of technique and getting the basics right. I know that this may sound a little boring and repetitive but darts is no different from any other sport. In other words if you master the basics and develop a straight throw that holds up under pressure, then your scoring is going to vastly improve. Off course in all sports there are exceptions who rise to the top with an unusual technique, but these naturally talented people are few and far between. Lets look at some key steps you can take to ensure you throw darts straight.

1. Stance

Stance is not too crucial as long as you have a comfortable and solid stance that doesn’t leave you off balance when you are throwing. Some players throw more side on with their front foot horizontal to the throwing line, while others stand more front on with their toes closest to the throwing line. Take time to experiment and find out which style suits your game. Also lean your body forward as you throw but not too far as you will not maintain good balance.

2. Keep Your Body Still

Staying as still as possible will add accuracy and consistency to your darts throw. When you throw a dart the only movement in your body should come from your throwing arm. It should become mechanical like a well oiled machine, but natural and practice can help you achieve this. The more you continuously replicate your throw, consistency and scoring will improve.

3. The Follow Through

This vital but often overlooked part of your throw is crucial to your darting success. A good long follow through should bring your throw to a smooth and natural conclusion. If you fail to follow through properly after releasing the dart, you will end up with a short stabbing action which will be much more open to errors. Keep your forearm straight and release the dart ensuring that your arm extends fully and ends up pointing straight at your intended target.

If you follow these darts tips and work hard at developing your throw, then you are far more likely to be throwing a dart straight.