Deals On Panasonic LCD HDTV’s

Looking for great deals on Panasonic LCD HDTV’s? It’s always shopping season for quality electronics and people everywhere are looking for great prices on these flat screens so read on to get the skinny on getting really good deals.

LCD or Plasma?

If you still have an old-fashioned CRT TV that looks like an ugly box and weighs about 500 lbs, it’s probably time to upgrade to a better television. Imagine how much more enjoyable your experience will be watching your favorite game or a good movie on a quality screen. LCD and Plasma are the current leaders in the HDTV arena but which one is better? Both have their pros and cons so lets examine them.


Plasma does not exist in a screen size smaller than 42 inches so if you are looking for something for the bedroom or a small room, Plasma might not work for you. Plasma sets also output a bit of heat from the vents on the side. This might contribute to overheating if you plan to have the tv in a tight-fitting cabinet. Lastly, Plasma tv’s are still susceptible to the burn-in effect which can occur from prolonged stationary objects on the screen.


LCD TV’s are perfect for small cabinets, bedrooms and kitchens as they come in all sizes ranging from 19″ to 60″. They are quite energy-efficient and are brightly lit. If you are looking for something that is PC compatible then an LCD flat panel is the choice for you. But the most exciting aspect is the price. LCD TV’s are still less expensive than Plasma TV’s and also have a higher resolution than comparably-sized Plasmas.

Both technologies have their upsides and downsides but with everyone looking for the best high-definition experience, LCD has by far the most choices in the 1080p range compared to Plasma. If you are looking to give your home theatre a jumpstart then a new LCD might be in your future.

So How Do You Find a Great Deal On Panasonic LCD TV’s?

There are many stores that offer LCD TVs online and some even offer free shipping. The hard part is finding the one that offers the best product and the best deal. Your best bet is find somebody who knows all about finding coupons and savings and see what they have found.

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