Do You Have RLS?

Around six years ago during a routine check-up at my doctor’s, I told him of a problem that I was having – that my legs were hurting, just had a uneasy feeling in my legs, particularly at night that was hindering me from getting a good nights sleep. At this time the pain was only mild, so I was still able to cope with it for the most part.

Immediately the diagnoses was a thing called RLS – Restless Leg Syndrome. He said it wasn’t a disease, but it was a problem that people sometimes get.

But, here’s the situation – over time, I found out that the medical world has no idea what it really is or what is the cause of this affliction!

So, my doctor, of course, prescribed me a medication, in hopes of helping me with this problem. I don’t remember what this medicine was at first, but it did nothing for me at all. I would lay in bed and toss and turn – trying some way to find relief for the pain in my legs. Trying to position my legs – desperate to find something to help this discomfort that was keeping me awake. Eventually I would a go to sleep.

But, the time came that my wife called the doctor and reported that I was still having problems with my legs. So, he prescribed Requip! For a little while this pill worked for me. I looked at it as a miracle pill. Why? Because I finally was able to sleep once again.

As time went on, I noticed this little pill wasn’t doing the job that it once did. I started getting less sleep. Then, through my own investigation – I found that Requip was really prescribed for those who suffered with Parkinson’s disease!

Then, the light turned on inside of my brain – here the medical profession really has no idea what the cause is of RLS – which they will admit – yet they prescribe a medicine that treats another physical problem! Even some doctor’s believe that this situation called RLS is not real – all in our heads. Well, I knew that what I was going through – this pain was real and not my imagination!

Over the years, I tried everything to help eliminate this problem. I resorted to try vitamin supplements – potassium, magnesium, even iron tablets. This didn’t work. I tried keeping my legs warm, or soaking my legs in warm water at night before going to bed. This helped only for short while – the pain always came back – waking me up in the middle of night. Taking short walks in my home only relieved the pain for a short while. I tried eating banana’s at night before going to bed – this really never worked or drinking a glass of orange juice for the benefit of the potassium in these products. These attempts only gave me short lived relief. I even tried elevating my legs – I thought perhaps that may help – I was desperate-was willing to try anything to help this pain in my legs!

Over the years, the biggest problem that I had was not sleeping. RLS had become such a nightmare that the fact of the matter was I was not getting any sleep! I was doing good to get 2-3 hours of sleep a night. Sometimes I was up all night. Then, had to function throughout the day in my life – like working! Trying to exist on no-sleep! The bottom line was this – this RLS had become a living nightmare for me!

I prayed to God to heal my legs, to help me. I was frustrated – nothing had worked that I tried for my legs. But, I knew that something had to give, because I couldn’t go on and function without any sleep.

A few weeks ago, I feel that God answered my prayer and led me to some information about the real cause of this thing called RLS. I know that there will be those who will be skeptical about what I will reveal to you, but I am living proof that it has worked for me and I thank God for giving me this knowledge and finally healing my legs and putting an end this nightmare that I’ve suffered with so many years.

If your problem is primary RLS and not secondary RLS – then here’s the solution that will help you: Eliminate milk and dairy products from your life and this will eliminate RLS from your world!

The first week that I did this, I was already able to sleep better. After two and a half weeks – I’ve gone all night and have awaken in the morning with no pain in my legs!

I just wanted to share this information with what God had done for me in an attempt to help someone else who is suffering the nightmare with RLS!