Essential Oils Revival

Essential oils have been in use for centuries and their return in our modern life is more than invaluable. From simple home freshener remedies, essential oil are also helpful for minor discomforts and imbalances of the system or for restoring healthy look as a powerful skin care product. Did you know that the faculty of smelling odors directly connects to the part of the brain that controls memory? That could explain the fact that some people are attracted to some odors and not to others and that odors and smell can make you take life changing decisions. Remember the lovely smell roaming around the bakery shop? That is a beautiful activity of your brain reminding you to indulge! Today aromatic herbs and essential oils have reappeared on the shelves of many drugstores. Their use is progressively more accepted and the effectiveness of their use is also scientifically proven. I am still wondering why human brain requires scientific proofs for something that is good and healthy and available from nature!

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Results from suing essential oils include relaxation, strengthening of the immunity of your system, toning of the skin, muscles and body, calming blood pressure, and many more good things that will help restore balance. Essential oils are prepared with a large amount of the relevant herb which make the use of only a few drop just about enough. The use of essential oil varies from mixing it with massage oil, preparing topical application packs with water, adding it to a hot bath, as mosquito repellent, as part of shampoo or conditioner, as a perfume, and as an ingredient for households products.

Some remedy oils have more effective properties than others. It is always advisable to make a quick search on the internet on various uses of an oil that you wish to use as well as reading possible consequences for using large amount. Remember an essential oil always must be used in small quantities. Our last advice on the use essential oils is an important one. Never take remedy oils orally and they necessarily must be diluted before being used. Of particular relevance is the fact of avoiding contact with the eyes. Aromatic oils are concentrated and misuse can lead to severe injuries in not administered adequately. Moreover, never administer to a baby, infant or toddler, their skin and other senses are far too sensitive to allow for a powerful concentrate to do any good. Remember also that remedy oils are the exact opposite to homeopathy where preparations contain a very small amount of the extract. It is then recommended not to store these remedies together as one would nullify the other one.