Family Law Issues

Family law is a branch of law that deals with familiar issues. Some of the family issues that are addressed include the following: divorce, separation agreements, civil partnerships, custodial arrangements, and prenuptial agreements.

Divorce is one of the main components of family law. In a divorce, most people use solicitors to handle their divorce proceedings. Child custody arrangement and child support issues often arise during divorce proceedings. Solicitors can help both parents deal with child support agreements, custodial arrangements, and scheduling of children’s activities and holidays. Both sides are represented during these proceedings and solicitors for both sides go back and forth with tentative agreements until both parties can come to an amicable agreement that is approved by a judge in court.

Before getting married, people who have assets and wealth that they want to protect should ask their fiancé to sign a prenuptial agreement. Prenuptial agreements can provide for both parties and make sure that even if a divorce does occur that the other party is compensated according to the terms of the prenuptial agreement. Many prenuptial agreements have compensation for the divorced party based on years married so the longer the couple is married the more money they would be compensated in a divorce. These agreements have become very standard and are a great way for people to protect their financial security.

Separation agreements occur before couples make the decision whether to reconcile or get divorced. In a standard separation agreement, legal documents are drawn up outlining custody of any children, who will live where, and how bills will be paid and if any compensation is necessary for either party to maintain his or her standard of living.

In a civil partnership, people who are of the same sex can be joined in a union or partnership. In this type of partnership, same sex couples can establish an arrangement regarding their assets, custody of their children, and pensions. It is important for civil partners to set up their partnership in case of death or a serious injury. If no legal documents are drawn up and one person dies without a will or legal documents stating their wishes then the partner could lose out financially.

Family law issues can become very important it is important to seek out legal help you make sure that everything is on the up and up legally. Having a consultation with a solicitor is very beneficial to seeing if further legal help is necessary to resolve the family issue.

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