Marijuana Attorney – Role and Function

If you are being charged of illegally using, possessing, growing, distributing, transporting, or selling marijuana, you face serious consequences on the state and possibly federal level. Working with a marijuana attorney can make a huge difference in the way your case turns out. The detailed knowledge these professionals have about the laws surrounding arrests, interrogations, and investigations involving illegal drugs helps individuals in your situation as they face the court process.

If you are caught with this drug in your possession, you face several potential penalties. Often, the amount of the drug you have will dictate how severe the penalties will be. You may end up with jail time or electronic monitoring. You can almost certainly expect fines, and sometimes the courts will require you to forfeit some of your property. You might lose your job, and you will be asked to do drug counseling and possibly community service. Most individuals have to register as drug offenders as well. A marijuana attorney will help you argue your case so that you get the least amount of these consequences.

Your marijuana attorney will help you understand the various factors that impact the consequences you will face. For instance, your age or the age of any others involved in the situation has a strong impact on how strong of penalties you will face. If there are minors involved, expect stronger consequences. If you have previous criminal activity, you can expect stronger penalties. The courts will also want to know if you had drug paraphernalia in your possession when you were arrested. This could include scales, bags for selling drugs, or a large stash of cash that indicates you may have been selling drugs. Your lawyer may be able to get some of this evidence written off as circumstantial.

It’s the job of a criminal defense lawyer to help the defendant get the least possible consequences for the crime, or get the charges erased completely. Often, a lawyer can help the defendant arrange a plea bargain, and can also stand in with you when you are interrogated, helping you to say the right thing and avoid implicating yourself. A lawyer also helps the accused understand what to expect from the process. For instance, if you are arrested for having just a small amount of the drug, you may be able to expect dismissal of the charges with help from a skilled marijuana attorney. Remember, in spite of the charges you may be facing, you have legal rights. Before you head to court, contact a qualified lawyer to discuss those rights and learn how you can protect yourself through the court process.

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