Private Investigation in Child Custody Cases

Child custody cases are one of the worst experiences parents will ever be subjected to. Who wants to lose regular contact with their children? Most clients are not lawyers, and the legal process involved in child custody cases can be extremely daunting without guidance, and even still it is a difficult process. In cases of divorce and marital conflict, it is usually best that custody of children be given to the most dependable and responsible of the parents involved. Private investigators can provide assistance in these situations to investigate claims and past history for your child custody case.

Getting the Facts

Both parents are in emotional turmoil during a child custody battle, and it can sometimes be difficult to get the facts straight since each parent provides information through the filter of their own perspective. Private investigators check the facts that are given at both ends to determine which are true and which are not, and which may potentially be harmful to your case.

Constructive Investigation

The goal in these custody cases should not be to assign blame and spread negativity, but rather to focus on what is positive about you. By striving to assign blame to the other parent, you might very well end up bringing negative attention to yourself. Good parent, Bad parent is not the way to go about your case. Maintain focus on the children throughout, and in what ways you have positively impacted their lives.

Abuse and Neglect

In cases where children have been abused or neglected by either party, this can be a determining factor in a custody case. Generally it is not wise to pursue the other parent as the enemy in a custody battle, however if abuse or neglect has been present in the home, it is critical to include this information in your case to make the court fully aware of the situation. A licensed private investigator can assist you in determining the existence of such abuse, and providing documented evidence to enhance your case.

Work the System, Don’t Fight It

Probably one of the most important aspects of a custody battle is acknowledging that the system can not be changed over night. The Family Court System may be terrible, but it is what it is, and will never be the way it should be. The judges and custody evaluators can’t be picked from a lineup, so we have to get these individuals on our side.

North Carolina Custody Guidelines

In contested custody cases in North Carolina, custody placement determined by the best interests of the child. In making the determination, the court shall consider all relevant factors including acts of domestic violence between the parties, the safety of the child, and the safety of either party from domestic violence by the other party and shall make findings accordingly. Between the mother and father, whether biological or adoptive, no presumption shall apply as to who will better promote the interest and welfare of the child. Joint custody is considered upon request by either parent involved.

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