Finding an Aviation Consultant Job

If you are a trained and experience professional who feels comfortable in an air traffic control center and can provide expert advice on how to improve processes, you can be an aviation consultant. Part of the job of an aviation consultant is to help a company in acquiring training and certifications for employees to be familiar with the latest software, procedures and equipment related to aviation. The aviation consultant communicates directly with the management for recommendations on what needs to be improved. There are many ways to become an aviation consultant.

Get Certified

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) offers examinations and certifications that will help you land an aviation consultant job. Not only will you gain additional knowledge but you’ll also get certificates that you can use to beef up your resume. Airports and air traffic controller centers will look for those credentials. You can greatly increase your chance of getting hired by arming yourself with as much relevant training as you can.

Get Some Experience

When you are just starting out, you may have to accept an entry level job, such as an assistant, to get the experience necessary to get a higher position. Getting an entry level position in big companies such as SH&E and the Aviation Consulting Group is like putting a foot in the door. You’ll be better positioned to apply for an aviation consulting job once the opportunity arises.

Spread the Word

It’s very easy to post your resume online for prospective employees to find. Employers all around the world will have access to your resume and you’ll have a greater chance of landing a job. You can set up automatic updates whenever aviation consultant jobs are posted. These updates will be sent to your email so you’ll know immediately if there’s a position available.

For Those Who Love Challenges

If you’re up to it and you’ve gained the necessary experience and reputation, you can start your own aviation consultancy business. You can leverage aviation associations to build your network. You can also participate in trade shows to promote your business. Build a website promoting your services. There are several low cost marketing tools that you can use when just starting out.

Whatever path you decide to take, remember that learning is a continuous process. Add more training and credentials to your resume. This increases your credibility and your expertise in the field.

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