Finding Cheap Insurance For Young Drivers And Learners

Young people and learner drivers can have a hard time finding car insurance that is affordable. As a learner you pose an increased risk for insurers because you have no track record, are not an experienced driver and are by definition more likely to have an accident. Some companies will not even offer to cover learner drivers, especially teenagers. Many learner drivers are young, but not all of them.

For young people, it is often an option to get an extension on their parents insurance to cover them for driving their parents car. This is a good option and is fine when you are just having occasional use of a car that belongs to your parents. If you have your own car, you cannot do this. Having said that, it is not unknown for people to get cover for their new car by pretending that it is a parents car and that they are only an occasional user.

This is known as fronting and, while it may be fairly common, it is still a high risk strategy. For a start it is illegal, but if you were to be involved in an accident, it is almost certain that the company would not pay out, because your cover was fraudulent. This really is to be avoided, however tempting the cheap premium may seem.

If you do have your own vehicle and you want to find cheap insurance as a learner driver then that really is a challenge. But it is not impossible to find reasonable cost cover. You just have to know why insurers charge more, which then enables you to take steps to bring the costs down a bit.

Insurers charge a lot to insure new drivers because there is a long history of accidents caused by young drivers, which all result in expensive claims for the insurance companies. They have to make money, and they do this by assessing the likely risks of each type of insurance they provide and charging more for the ones that are statistically more likely to result in a claim.

There is little you can do about the fact that you are a new driver without experience, but you do have control over the car you drive, and that will affect the cost of your insurance too. While the temptation for boys in particular is to go for a shiny new fast car with a powerful engine, the insurers know that a learner driver plus a powerful car equals almost certain accident. This is only a problem if you happen to be wealthy enough to afford such a car anyway.

Resist the urge to get your dream car straight away and instead go for something older, smaller and less powerful. Such a car should be in a low insurance group, which is something you must check out before deciding which car to choose. All cars have an insurance group and this will have a direct impact on what premiums you pay.

If you manage to find a second hand small car that is not worth too much money, this will have a dramatic impact on making your insurance cheaper. You can also look at building in an excess for any claims you have to make, which will also reduce costs substantially.

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