Finding the Value of Antique Oil Paintings

Antique oil paintings have always held a revered place in peoples hearts and on their walls. Their beauty is often described as captivating, able to stir emotions and mesmerize the mind. There are many copies of the most famous of these works that are available in shops and museums all over the world, and there are also very many which are recognized by most people today. It is thought that this medium first appeared in Afghanistan sometime between the fifth and ninth centuries, but it was not until one thousand years later that this form of art really became popular. Artists used to use canvas made of linen which was very expensive; eventually as a more affordable alternative, they began using canvas made from cotton fabric.

Some of the most famous and most priceless antique oil paintings are today known to have been done by artists such as Picasso, Michelangelo, Boticelli and da Vinci, among many others. There are many people who prefer to purchase less expensive reproductions of the artwork for one of two reasons: either the originals are not available for sale (of course) or they do not want to pay so much for originals. However, when it all comes down to it, there is just nothing quite like having a true, original antique oil painting hanging in your grand foyer at home! This is precisely why original art often comes with a very steep price tag because that piece is the absolute only one like it in the world that is truly a work by the original artist.

The values of these paintings are determined by their ages and also by the artists who are responsible for their creation. If the age is unknown, it can be calculated using a chemical analysis of the paint that was used. This is a method often used to determine if a piece is an original or a forgery most often. Some of the other often used methods include evaluation of the craquelure of the piece (which are the cracks in the paint itself), checking the condition of the protective varnish that is over the canvas if there is any present, and looking for the pigments and hues of the colors.

The internal chemistry of antique oil paintings changes at different stages and different ages, which makes it possible for anyone to test the authenticity of the pieces right from their homes. It is recommended however that if you suspect any antique oil paintings to be considerably valuable that you take them to a specialist, museum or art gallery to be evaluated properly.

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