Flip Video Ultra

If you run a small organization, like a startup business or a non-profit, a Flip Video Ultra is one of many small investments you can make that should pay for itself many times over. A low-cost tool with a near-flat learning curve, these tiny camcorders should let you shoot instant videos that you can use to promote your group across many video sharing services like YouTube. If you plan them well enough, your efforts can catch on, potentially leading to plenty of free advertising for your organization.

Your Business On Video

What aspects of your organization can you document with a Flip Video Ultra? Take a gander at these suggestions:

1. An introduction video that details your operations, your expertise and the benefits of using your services. If potential customers inquire about your office, you can simply point them to the video online.

2. If your office holds a special event like a charity fundraiser or participate in a trade show, a Flip Video Ultra should let you document the whole thing for posterity. You can even edit it and share the experience online for customers and friends. In relation to it, you can fashion a gratitude video to people who participated in your efforts.

3. When you’re launching a new product or service, you can create a video presentation to accompany your press release. After all, wouldn’t potential customers want to see a product rather than read about it?

Return on Investment

A Flip Video Ultra costs less than $150 now from most retailers, with some selling them for as low as $115. Purchasing one for your group gives you an instant tool for creating rich media content that can bring immeasurable value to your operations.

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